Microsoft Flight Simulator Physical Edition Comes on 10 Discs

Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 discsPC System Requirements Revealed
Microsoft Flight Simulator Physical Edition Comes on 10 Discs

Microsft Flight Simulator launches on 18 August 2020 for PC. If you are picking up the retail edition then you will be the proud owner of a lot of discs. According to Aerosoft who is publishing the Microsoft Flight Simulator physical edition of the game in Europe, the retail game comes on 10 discs. No joke. That’s 10 double-layer DVDs.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator will come in two different physical versions. One of them contains 10 double-layer DVDs and a printed manual in a fancy unfolding box. 10 discs for a video game is a new record. Previously, 2004 MMO EverQuest 2 came on nine discs. In terms of floppy discs, The Secret of Monkey Island came on 11.

The retail version of Flight Simulator contains the game code which downloads a small amount of data and included the virtual world its set in. This code and discs are 90GB of game files. There’s also optional online streamed content and third-party files. This is included on the discs. The retail version makes it easier for people who don’t have the internet connection to stream the “optional streamed content”. However, users will still need to download whatever updates and files Microsoft and developer Asobo issue between the print of the discs and the launch of the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Physical Edition Comes on 10 Discs

Aerosoft claim there’s no difference between the 10-disc version and the digital one. Except for the discs, of course. Once you have installed the game and updated it, you will experience the same game as everyone. That is if you purchase the right version of the game. Microsoft revealed three editions of the Flight Simulator starting at R999, R1,399 and R1,899. Each version contains more planes and fleshed-out airports. If you are a massive fan of the series then you’ll want to fo splurge for the biggest version. We don’t know if users will be able to upgrade from one edition to the other yet.

In the meantime, check out the Microsoft Flight Simulator PC requirements here, the different version breakdown here and the trailer down below.

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