Microsoft Game Pass Advert Starts Fires Online Amid Xbox Turmoil

With rumours that Microsoft will drastically reform its gaming division next week, an advert was spotted online which has sent gamers into a frenzy. The ad suggests that Microsoft is rebranding Xbox Game Pass to Microsoft Game Pass.

The ad was spotted on the GameStop website before going viral on social media. As soon as it went live, users began speculating what it could mean. GameStop quickly removed the marketing material without any statement.

Of course, the damage had already been done. Fans speculated that Microsoft might be dropping the Xbox brand completely and rebranding its gaming business under Microsoft. Given the current state of uncertainty surrounding the Xbox business, you can’t blame gamers for thinking this way.

Xbox Game Pass Microsoft Game Pass

Earlier this week, reports claimed that Microsoft was looking at publishing first-party games on PlayStation.  Other reports claimed that Microsoft was looking at restructuring its Xbox division due to revenue concerns surrounding its recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard. There are also reports that Microsoft has deemed Xbox Game Pass as unsustainable.

Phil Spencer has confirmed that next week Microsoft will share a business update regarding the ongoing matter and reveal what plans the company has for Xbox.

So given the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Xbox brand, the recent advert has not helped calm things down. Thankfully, it seems that gamers can rest easy knowing the “Xbox” brand isn’t going anywhere.

Soon after the advert went viral, Jez Corden reached out to GameStop to find out where they got the whole “Microsoft Game Pass” title. According to Corden, Gamestop says they “came up with it themselves”. So this advert had been internally created at the gaming store.

This wasn’t a good time to go all “creative” on your Xbox adverts if you ask me. Hopefully, this time next week the gaming world will know what is going on at Microsoft and Xbox. Phil Spencer has yet to share exact details on this so-called “business event”.

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