Microsoft Has Not Acquired Dying Light Developer Techland
"This is the second time the rumour has come about"
Dying Light 2 Release Date Techland Microsoft
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Over the past few weeks rumours have been swirling that Dying Light creator Techland had been acquired by Microsoft. This is after a leaker claimed that the developer would soon announce the partnership. However, according to the Techland community manager, the developer has not been bought by Microsoft at all.


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The Techland community manager took to Twitter to debunk the current rumours. According to the user “Uncy8” he had been receiving a lot of DMs in regards to the recent rumour mill by fans. He said in a statement that Techland is an independent studio and has not been acquired by another partner. According to the community manager, the same rumours began floating around this time last year.

After the tweet went up during the weekend, it took a lot of flack from users. Some claim that even if the studio was being acquired, the community manager would be “left out of the meetings”. Other fans also called him out claiming that the studio would obviously deny the acquisition if it happened and it was not meant to be announced yet.

The Techland community manager then replied to these negative tweets saying:

“People will believe what they want to believe, we had the exact same situation one year ago and people kept saying that the statements must be fake and the acquisition is happening. Guess where are we now. I posted this to clear the confusion in my dm’s, that’s all.”

While many would like to believe that Dying Light 2 would be a timed Xbox exclusive due to this acquisition, that won’t be the case. Very little is known about the game’s release date and plans as of yet. So take this news as you will. If the Techland community manager says Microsoft has not acquired the company then maybe it is actually true. Especially given that these rumours were making headlines this time last year.

Source: Twitter






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