Microsoft Introduces “All-New” Windows 1.0 and it is Pretty Strange
Windows 1.0
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No, we didn’t suddenly go back in time and no, this isn’t the first of April either, trust me, I double checked. Microsoft has, however, introduced the “all-new Windows 1.0” on its social media, featuring high-end features such as the MS-Dos executive, a clock and more. This is one of the stranger things (sorry) I’ve seen in quite a while but there might be a good reason for this weird announcement.

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Windows 1.0 originally released in 1985 on 20 November so it is nearly 34 years old. Before we all go and think that a Windows 1.0 remaster is coming, or that the operating system will become open-source, there’s a better explanation for all of this and it is pretty cool if you ask me. But first, check out the tweet by Microsoft, including a video with Windows 1.0 and 80’s music.

Pretty funky, right? Well, Stranger Things Season 3 releases tomorrow on Netflix and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the reason for this introduction.

The third season of Stranger Things will no doubt feature Windows 1.0 in some way. Microsoft’s social media has also responded to confused followers, saying that more information is coming soon. Apart from the 80’s music that just screams Stranger Things in the tweet, it is important to note that Stranger Things Season 3 takes place in, you guessed it, 1985, the same year that Windows 1.0 got released.

Personally, I love this little tease by Microsoft and we all can’t wait for the third season of Stranger Things to start.

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What do you think about Microsoft introducing this “all-new” OS and do you think it is Stranger Things related? Let us know in the comment section below.






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