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Microsoft is Targeting Next Xbox Console for 2028

Microsoft is apparently targeting 2028 as the release window for the next Xbox console and the switchover to the next generation. According to newly revealed FTC documents, Microsoft openly discussed its plans for when the successor to the Xbox Series X/S will launch, its competition with Sony PlayStation and the focus of its business model going forward.

As reported by Axios, the 2028 launch plan was referenced in a spring 2022 meeting at Microsoft between executives including CEO Satya Nadella, CFO Amy Hood and head of gaming Phil Spencer. A non-Xbox executive asked if the next Xbox would deviate from having traditional fixed hardware for developers to work with. “One of the things consoles have been really great at is giving a very clear platform target for developers, and [Game Development Kit] has been really good at this,” said corporate vice president of immersive experiences Anuj Gosalia.

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The 2028 target was casually brought up during the conversation too, seemingly confirming that it’s the year when we can expect the transition into the next generation of consoles. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are almost mid-way through the current generation, though it’s unclear if Sony has set the same expectations and time frame for its next console, which will likely be the PS6.

Other interesting points brought up during the not-so-secret Microsoft meeting mention the competition with PlayStation and what Xbox can do to set itself apart. Of course, this includes leaning on its Xbox Game Pass model. In the end, Microsoft says each new generation has the potential to “reset” the ongoing competition between PlayStation and Xbox.

In other news, the FTC documents also revealed that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be released on PS5 after all, according to Microsoft’s forecast, and might launch as soon as 2026. Several unannounced Bethesda titles were also leaked in the documents such as a remaster of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a new DOOM game and much more.

Source: Axios

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