Microsoft Removes Giant ‘Optimized for Xbox Series X’ Badge From Boxes

"More room for the important stuff."

Microsoft wants to make one thing clear – its games are enhanced for Xbox Series X. Gamers are quite aware of the fact that if they play a game on the console, they are playing an enhanced version of it. However, Microsoft came up with a hideous badge which they slapped on the cover of these boxes to make it clear. There’s so much wrong with this badge. It is massive and along with the company’s platform listing, enhancements and the rating, there’s barely room for the game’s artwork. Microsoft is doing what every other brand would do, they are moving the “Optimized for Xbox Series X” badge to the back of the box.

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While many gamers no longer purchase retail games, the badge is an eyesore. It is bigger than we all expected it to be and was slapped in a strange position too. It is the first thing you see on the box and distracts users from the game’s most important message, the artwork. Even if you don’t purchase retail games, the badge is seen first on websites and the Xbox Store. We get it, Microsoft.

Since its debut a few months back, fans and gamers alike have been complaining about the size and positioning of the massive green sticker. Thankfully, the removal means more place for the important stuff – the game’s art. Take a look at the two below and you will agree, farewell to bad rubbish. If only they would remove the enhancements too. There’s nothing wrong with listing the 4K HDR specs at the back of the box and allowing the front to be free from distractions. To be honest, if you’re buying a game nowadays, these enhancements are a no-brainer. Not sure why the company keeps marketing them. Hopefully, gamers can see a cleaner box soon after the Xbox Series X badge removal.

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