Microsoft Says They Will Consider Buying More Video Game Studios
"Let's hope these studios result in good games."

You would think Microsoft may be broke after spending $7.5 billion on Bethesda Softworks earlier this week but they are not done yet. In an interview with Cnet, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claimed the company will consider buying even more video game companies in the future.


The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield Powered By Bethesda’s Biggest Engine Overhaul Since Oblivion

After spending $7.5 billion on Bethesda Softworks, Microsoft claims the company plans to invest heavily on its gaming division. Nadella claims the decision to purchase Bethesda was to have content that can reach larger communities. Nadella said the company will always have its eyes open for any other game studios that could complement the company’s roster of developers.

We’ll always look for places where there is that commonality of purpose, mission, and culture. We will always look to grow inorganically where it makes sense.

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox is double the size of Microsoft’s creative division. It is something the whole company is set to invest in.

Content is just the incredible ingredient to our platform that we continue to invest in,

Microsoft has spent over $10 billion on studio purchases over the past few years. These include Ninja Theory, Compulsion, inXile, and Obsidian. Not to mention the recent Bethesda buyout. However, there’s still a load of unanswered questions when it comes to the new studio acquisition. Gamers don’t know whether or not future Bethesda games will release on PS5. Microsoft claims it will be a “case-by-case” basis but what that means is still unclear.

With all these studios under its belt, Microsoft is entering the next-generation of gaming strong. While we have yet to see fruits of their labour, only time will tell how well these studios buyouts are going to work out for the company.

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