Microsoft Sends Snoop Dogg an Xbox Series X Fridge
Microsoft Xbox Series X Next-Gen One Smart Delivery Loading Times fridge
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Microsoft has embraced the “Xbox Series X looks like a fridge” meme which began the moment they announced the console last year. There’s no beating around the bush that the tall monolith console looks like a fridge or a dustbin. Whichever you prefer. Leading up to the launch on 10 November 2020, Microsoft has sent out a handful of actual massive Xbox Series X fridges to a few people including Snoop Dogg.


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In a video uploaded to Snoop Dogg’s Instagram, the rapper unveils the fridge which looks like a massive console. There’s even a power button light at the top left-hand corner. The same position as the console itself. On the top, it is green and included the holes too. Opening the fridge, Snoop was welcomed to a greenly-lit inside, a real Xbox Series X console and another Xbox cake to celebrate the rapper’s birthday which was earlier last week.

There’s also some meat, gin and juice and some gold chains. By the look of things, the fridge is actually the real deal and will cool your groceries. However, don’t expect to go out and buy one at your local Makro. Microsoft clearly got these fridges custom-designed using another brand and slapped a black shell on the outside to make it look like the console.

Snoop Dogg was not the only person to get one of these fridges. YouTuber Justine also got sent one which she unboxed in a video. The unboxing is quite interesting to watch as you can see the effort Microsoft went to even create a replica retail box of the console to fit the fridge inside. Of course, the box was wood was way too big for the fridge anyway but still pretty cool to watch. Check it out below;






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