Microsoft Speeds Up The Xbox Series X/S Boot Time

"15 seconds instead of 20 seconds"

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Microsoft Speeds Up The Xbox Series X/S Boot Time

You’ll now be able to jump into your Xbox Series X/S games five seconds quicker thanks to a new boot speed improvement on the console. Microsoft has released a tweaked version of the initial Xbox logo boot screen to Xbox testers and reports claim that the console now loads up five seconds faster than before. This means that the Xbox Series X/S takes around 15 seconds to get to the main home page layout now compared to the original 20 seconds.

Microsoft didn’t really do much to improve the boot experience other than shortening the animation in which the Xbox logo appears on the console. When turning on the Xbox Series X/S, the Xbox logo now pops up and goes away much quicker than before.

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The company says that you’ll only be able to benefit from the speedier boot times on the Xbox Series X/S if your console is set to Energy Saver mode instead of Standby mode. As you know, Energy Saver completely shuts down the Xbox Series X/S console so every time you turn it on, it loads up from cold boot.

Standby mode, on the other hand, is a low-power mode that keeps the console ready to go at any point while also enabling downloads and updates when it is off.

Microsoft has recently made the Energy Saver mode default on Xbox consoles as an attempt to help improve the planet and cut down expensive bills. The new faster boot is another step in making the Energy Saver mode more attractive to gamers so they don’t have to worry about longer boot times when trying to save power.

The new boot sequence isn’t available to everyone yet. However, it should arrive on public consoles after undergoing some testing first as part of the Xbox Insider Program.

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