12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions No Longer For Sale

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12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions No Longer For Sale

Last week Microsoft announced the company would no longer produce Xbox One X consoles. This week, the company has revealed it will no longer sell its 12-month Xbox Live Gold plans too. We are not sure why the console maker would take this step but it could hint at a stronger approach to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Both decisions come in light of the Xbox Series X launch later this year.

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Microsoft confirmed to TrueAchievements that the 12-month Xbox Live Gold memberships will no longer be sold at this time. With that being said, gamers can still purchase the 3-month and 1-month plans.

“At this time, Xbox has decided to remove the 12 months Xbox Live Gold SKU from the Microsoft online Store. Customers can still sign up for a one month or three month Xbox Live Gold subscription online through the Microsoft Store.”

The company did not provide any reason why it made changes to its membership availability. However, we have a feeling Microsoft might drop the service completely at the launch of the Xbox Series X in favour for only the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offering. This will allow them to provide both Xbox Gold and Game Pass in one bundle.

Microsoft is set to host an Xbox Series X first-party lineup reveal this week on 23 July 2020. We know the stream will host a range of game reveals but perhaps the company will announce the price and release date for the console too. In addition, the company might share its plans for the future of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. Reports claim there is another reveal set for August where Microsoft is said to showcase the cheaper Xbox Series X console.

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