Microsoft has confirmed the launch month for the upcoming Xbox Series X console. Previously, the company confirmed the launch of “holiday 2020” but now we at least know the exact month. The announcement comes as no surprise. All its past consoles have rolled out in November, except for in SA.

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Microsoft is not providing an exact date for the release of the Xbox Series X yet. However, users should brace for a pricey console purchase in that month if they plan on buying the console. The news followed the announcement of the Halo Infinite delay into 2021. 343 Industries delayed the upcoming shooter due to COVID-19 having an impact on its workforce.

The game was previously an Xbox Series X launch title but that will no longer be the case. The lack of Halo Infinite does not mean there are no games coming to the console. Microsoft is pushing the Xbox Game Pass service with over three generations of older games to play on the console at launch. While the company has yet to announce other launch titles, gamers can take advantage of playing older games which will be optimized for Xbox Series X.

According to Microsoft, more than 40 existing games will be optimized for the next-gen console. While details are scarce, the company might update the classics to take advantage of 120fps, DirectX ray tracing and more. Still, it would be nice to have something new to play for a change. Xbox owners have been replaying the same old Gears and Halo games for years now.

Let’s hope Microsoft will announce some other launch titles. The company has a handful of first-party games in development. However, the July showcase was filled with CG trailers which gave us the impression that these games are still a while away.

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