Microsoft Wants To Know How They Can Make Gaming on Windows 10 Better

Apart from the initial release of Windows 10 with all those pesky updates and privacy concerns, I, for one, haven’t had many issues while gaming on Windows 10. That’s not to say Microsoft can’t improve the OS some more, especially when you run games from the Windows Store. Although it seems a little late now, the Xbox team is asking how they can make gaming on Windows 10 better and they want your input.

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Microsoft has set up a page on Xbox Ideas, where you can see suggestions that gamers can vote for. There are quite a few options by the team and user suggestions are still in the moderation process. These suggestions range from what Windows should stop doing while you game to how the team can optimize gaming on Windows 10 and more.

Microsoft explains on the page that:

Team Xbox would love to hear how you’d like to see gaming on Windows improved. How can Windows 10 enhance your gaming experience? What features would you like added or changed to make gaming on Windows 10 even better? Create suggestions, vote for suggestions, and leave comments below!

The top 5 suggestions so far are pretty good. Check them out below.

  • When Running a Game, Windows Should Automatically Disable Processes While Playing
  • Create a Version of Windows Specifically for Gaming
  • Let Users Disable Unnecessary Processes While Playing Games
  • Allow Users to Launch Games on PC with a Controller
  • Allow Users to Stream from their PC to their Xbox Console

While some suggestions like creating a version of Windows specifically for gaming probably won’t happen, you can see that gamers definitely want Windows to disable processes while they game.

It is an excellent initiative by Microsoft as asking input from gamers and what they want from their OS is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, some of these features will be implemented in the future.

What do you want from gaming on Windows 10 in the future? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to vote on the Xbox Ideas page.

Gaming | PC | Microsoft Wants To Know How They Can Make Gaming on Windows 10 Better
Gaming | PC | Microsoft Wants To Know How They Can Make Gaming on Windows 10 Better






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