Microsoft might be focusing quite heavily on its Xbox cloud gaming technology. So much so that the company announced they plan on implementing xCloud into future TV sets so that gamers can benefit from cloud gaming without the need for a dedicated console. However, the company is still dedicated to its console market. During a special future cloud gaming press event, the company confirmed that they are working on new console hardware.

Before you toss your Xbox Series X/S into the bin, don’t get your hopes up. Microsoft says that the new consoles are very far away from being a reality. In addition, Microsoft says that Xbox consoles remain its “flagship experience” even though the company has been pushing PC and cloud gaming quite heavily this generation.


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Liz Hamren, CVP of Gaming Experiences and Platforms at Microsoft insisted that console hardware is still a priority for the company.

“We’re already hard at work on new hardware and platforms, some of which won’t come to light for years.”

On that same note, Microsoft reiterated that the Xbox experience can live outside of the traditional console ecosystem. Phil Spencer claims that there are 3 billion gamers on Earth. However, he also believes that only 200-250 gamers actually consider buying a console. He wants the remaining market to tap into the Xbox cloud gaming experience through tablets and dedicated TV apps.

“While we continue to expand in PC and mobile, console remains our flagship experience. We want to deliver the most powerful, capable consoles in the world, devices that empower our players to enjoy amazing games for years to come, including gameplay we can’t even imagine yet.”

Microsoft wants to deliver the Xbox experience to gamers no matter where they are and what they play on. However, cloud gaming does come with its issues. For example, here in SA, we can’t benefit from the service due to the lack of infrastructure specific to a data server. I am sure there are other regions with the same issue. If Microsoft plans on pushing cloud gaming, let us hope they can back it up with more country support.

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