Microsoft is Now Worth $1 Trillion Thanks to Cloud Computing
Microsoft Nintendo Laughed Bethesda
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Microsoft Corporation has become the third American company to hit the massive $1 trillion mark. Apple and Amazon have both hit the $1 trillion valuation mark. This mammoth milestone was reached when the software company’s stock prices jumped after a strong Q3 in terms of earnings.

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Thanks to the company’s rise in stock price when the NASDAQ opened on 25 April 2019, it was able to reach the huge valuation. The prices for Microsoft stocks opened at $130 per share, compared to the previous day’s $125. This rise in stocks was due to the company’s good financial results for its third quarter. Also, the company’s continued contribution to cloud computing has helped boost its stock prices.

The rise in the value of Microsoft stock prices also meant that the company is now, again the world’s most valuable American company. Apple and Amazon have both held the top spot as the world’s highest-earning American company, and now, thanks to its stock price spike, Microsoft holds that honour. But being the top valued American company in the world doesn’t seem to matter much to the software company. The company’s chief marketing officer, Chris Capossela, has previously stated that the senior leadership team at Microsoft don’t care about the $1 trillion valuation milestone.

This is a metric that nobody on the senior leadership team is tracking. Nobody is sitting around high-fiving when the stock hits some new high.

He went on to say that other American companies don’t care about it either.

Believe me, Apple’s not doing anything differently tomorrow if they happen to fall a spot. Google’s not wringing their hands like, ‘oh my God we’re only No. 4.’ Those things don’t change the behavior inside the companies.

The company’s three main branches of business are prospering and have helped it achieve the $1 trillion mark. These include:

  • Office, LinkedIn, and Dynamics – $10.2 billion dollars in revenue;
  • Azure cloud, server products, and enterprise services – $9.7 billion in revenue;
  • Windows, Xbox, and Surface – $10.7 billion in revenue.

What do you think about Microsoft hitting the $1 trillion mark?






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