Xbox Keystone

Microsoft’s Cancelled Xbox Keystone Cloud Console Detailed in New Patent

Project Keystone was originally planned as Microsoft’s cloud-based console. During the gold rush of Xbox XCloud, Microsoft was working on the device as a standalone piece of hardware which users would plug into their displays and stream games without the need for physical discs and storage.

The device swirled around the rumour mill for years. It even appeared briefly on Phil Spencer’s shelf during a livestream event before going silent. The project was seemingly cancelled back in 2022. Phil Spencer said that the team weren’t able to get the device priced at $100. The team instead focused attention on building the smart TV streaming app.

However, a new patent has given us a good look at the device. The illustrations reveal exactly what the unit looked like and how it operated.

Xbox Keystone

The patent reveals that the Xbox Keystone (project name) would have shipped with an HDMI, ethernet port and power connector. The device included a power button on the front and a pairing button similar to that of the Xbox Series X/S. There was also a USB Type-A port on the front likely used for charging devices.

The bottom of the device also featured a circular pad similar to the Xbox Series X’s rubber foot. It also included the words “Hello from Seattle”. If anything, the unit visually represented a slice of the Xbox Series X if you were to cut the console like a slice of bread near the base.

The top then features the black circular Xbox Series S portion but without the air vents. This is likely due to the unit requiring very little cooling.

The design was created by Chris Kujawksi, a principal designer at Microsoft. Kujawski also led the design team for the Xbox Series X/S so its similar design makes sense here.

You can check out the full patent here. It reveals all the technical content around the Xbox Keystone alongside the design.

Source: Windows Central

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