Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review

Miles Will Be The ‘Main’ Spider-Man Going Forward Says Insomniac

Insomniac Games has confirmed that Miles Morales will pick up the mantle as the next Spider-Man going forward in its gaming franchise. Current main Spider-Man, Peter Parker, will take a backseat (at least for now) as Miles will likely headline future releases of the Marvel’s Spider-Man games. Both Spider-Men shared the spotlight in the recently released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which saw the duo team up to stop villains such as Kraven the Hunter, Lizard and Venom.

In a recent interview with Gizmodo, Insomniac Games narrative director Ben Arfmann and advanced writer Brittney Morris revealed that the duo likely won’t be teaming up again in a future release. Of course, this includes some major spoilers for the events and ending of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 so proceed with caution.

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When asked about the game’s ending and which Spider-Man will be the focus of the next game (or games), Morris confirmed that it will be Miles who steps up:

“To me, it shows a great deal of evolution from Miles; at the beginning of the game, we see him struggling to figure out what he wants to do with his life. By the end, we had Miles carrying the burden of saving the city, and also carrying Pete when Pete wasn’t strong enough to carry himself at various points. That’s what’s been so cool about writing a story about two Spider-Men: they’re both strong, and one of them can be strong when the other is not. By the end, Miles is more confident and he’s like, ‘Yeah, I got this. How much worse can things get after what we just went through?’”

Arfmann added that Peter handing over the massive responsiblities of being Spider-Man to Miles felt natural in one of the game’s climactic moments:

“I think it was Jon who wrote that scene in Aunt May’s garage, and it’s one of my favorite scenes. The way that Miles intuits exactly what Pete is thinking and stops him from stumbling through trying to hand over the mask. Miles going, ‘You know I got this, bro,’ it’s such a great moment between the two of them. And it felt like such a natural conclusion; I’m not sure when specifically we decided to do that, but it always felt like the only way the game could end.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now available for PS5. Make sure you read our full review and watch this story recap if you plan on diving into the sequel.

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  • Nikki_boagreis 7 November 2023

    I enjoyed every second of my time with Spiderman 2 and never felt like i played as either Spiderman more then the other. I personally perfer playing as Peter,

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