Minecraft Ray Tracing Xbox Series X/S

Minecraft Might be Getting Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X/S

Minecraft is apparently getting ray tracing support on Xbox Series X/S consoles soon, according to the latest Preview version of the game. This version, only available to Xbox Insider members, adds ray tracing options but it hasn’t been made official by Xbox or developer Mojang yet.

According to The Verge senior editor Tom Warren, select Xbox Insider members are getting options to turn ray tracing on in Minecraft on Xbox Series X/S. Not all members have received this option, suggesting that the feature is slowly rolling out to a subset of users for now.

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Video Games Chronicle would corroborate this report by claiming that they’ve also received a ray tracing option, but it’s greyed out and inaccessible for them. It’s also accompanied by a message stating that it needs to be running on hardware that officially supports it.

Xbox first announced that Minecraft would be getting ray tracing all the way back in 2019, though this would only be limited to the PC version. They then added more fuel to the fire when they published a blog article two years ago that used Minecraft (clearly showing ray tracing) as an example of what the Xbox Series X could do with the option turned on.

It’s safe to say that Xbox had been quietly working on bringing ray tracing to Minecraft on Xbox Series X/S in an official capacity for all users in the last few years, and this Preview version is a good indication that an announcement might be coming soon.

For the time being, Minecraft remains extremely popular across all platforms though it’s not yet known if this option will also carry over to PlayStation 5 and other platforms that can support ray tracing. We’ll just have to wait for an official confirmation from Xbox and Mojang regarding this report.

Source: Tom Warren

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