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Miyazaki Knows The Elden Ring DLC is Too Hard

The Elden Ring DLC launched on Friday with great success. Fans have been waiting months to explore the Realm of Shadows and they can finally explore this so-called “Limgrave-sized” DLC. Of course, after clocking in a few dozen hours this weekend, I was met with a much larger-than-Limgrave DLC which leads me to believe that game director Hidetaka Miyazaki enjoys trolling the gaming community.

Not only has the director stated that the DLC was much smaller than it actually is, but he has also been rather vague about the game’s difficulty leading up to the launch. Miyazaki has openly stated in the past that Shadow of the Erdtree would be a smaller DLC with 10 or so main bosses and the difficulty will be manageable by most players.

However, Miyazaki has now stated that the development team took feedback from the original game’s content to help structure the difficulty in the DLC. As a result, the experience is much harder than you would expect. So tough that even Miyazaki agrees it might be a little too hard for some.

In an interview with The Guardian, Miyazaki says that if he wanted the whole world to play the game he would just “crank the difficulty down more and more but that wasn’t the right approach. He says if the team made the game easier, it would break the game itself”.

Miyazaki expressed how he enjoys imagining the many ways players can die in Elden Ring and tries to explore these as much as possible. The base game included various deathly areas including a lot of poison swamps. Miyazaki says he might have overdone this mechanic a bit. However, he found joy in experimenting with new ways to die in Shadow of the Erdtree  He says in the DLC, the team pushed this even further saying that he wants players to reach their limits on what they can withstand in terms of difficulty.

Part of this difficulty is the game’s boss fights. The director says these were purposely made harder than the fights in the base game to offer more challenge and engagement. He says players must have fun with the content. He says if players don’t enjoy this, he is “sorry”.

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Source: The Guardian 

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