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Modder Gets P.T Working on PS5 Using Hacked PS4 Emulator and Backup

We already know that the PS5 is now jailbroken. Two weeks ago, the console was successfully hacked and modder Lance McDonald was seen installing custom packages onto the console while also fiddling about in the console’s debug system. However, while the PS5 jailbreak does open up doors to install custom games, the modder has now outdone himself by using a non-jailbroken PS5 console to play P.T.

Why is this a big deal you may ask yourself? Well, if you don’t remember, P.T is that demo that was previously delisted off the PlayStation Network and in fact, vanquished from the digital world. The demo acted as a prequel to the so-called “Silent Hills” reboot developed by Kojima and Konami. Sadly, the game was cancelled when Kojima and Konami split and the demo was removed from the PSN.

Lance McDonald didn’t want to live in a reality where P.T didn’t exist. The modder used a previous PS5 firmware version from December 2021 to install the demo without even jailbreaking his console. Lance posted a video on Twitter of the process saying that he used a USB backup from a jailbroken PS4 in order to install P.T on a non-jailbroken PS5.

The PS4 that was previously jailbroken can install the game – something the non-jailbroken console can’t do. You can then back up the game onto an external HDD, plug it into your non-jailbroken PS5 and copy it across. Lance says it works without a problem.

The gist of it is that you need to own P.T. legitimately on your PSN account and you need to have your PSN account activated on a jailbroken PS5 and on a normal, fully updated PS5.

This is just the start of things to come from the recent PS5 jailbreak. It seems that even with a non-jailbroken PS5, you can benefit from other users having their consoles jailbroken. Even if these consoles are PS4.

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