Modder Promises DLSS 3 For Starfield at Early Access Launch

We are still waiting on the official word from NVIDIA and AMD whether or not Starfield will support some kind of DLSS or FSR at launch. For many, these frame generation features allow for games to run at a substantially higher frame rate enhancing the experience across the board. According to modder PureDark, they plan on having some frame generation features available even before Starfield launches out of Early Access.

If you don’t know, early access for Starfield is launching on 1 September. The early access period is available for those who pre-order certain versions of the game and will allow them to jump into the universe before the game’s official launch on 6 September. By the sound of things, gamers can look forward to DLSS 3 support added by PureDark within these few days.

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This is great news for PC players. At the moment, the Starfield situation is a bit unpredictable. Bethesda has signed an agreement with AMD for marketing rights on the game. This covers the PC version of Starfield. However, AMD has yet to announce whether or not this contract also covers FSR and prevents Bethesda from implementing NVIDIA DLSS 3 into the game.

Players predict that this AMD contract will prevent NVIDIA from working on DLSS 3 tech for Starfield. Of course, AMD’s approach to upscaling is a lot more open than NVIDIA as it works even if you have a GeForce GPU. In a statement, Todd Howards says that having AMD on board for Starfield means that everyone has access to upscaling at launch and not a subset of gamers.

The issue here is that AMD FSR isn’t as effective as DLSS 3 (some may debate otherwise). As a result, the cry for DLSS 3 in Starfield has been heard and PureDark will make sure that gamers get a mod at launch. The modder says they will implement DLSS 3 support in the early access phase and focus on DLSS 2 afterwards.

It makes sense for Bethesda to partner with AMD for Starfield. Given that the Xbox Series X/S is also getting the game, the studio has been able to focus on multi-threaded code which works for both PC and Xbox. If PC gamers don’t want to use FRS, they can simply look out for a mod and use that instead.

Source: Reddit

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