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Modder Shows Hacked PS5 Running Bloodborne and RDR 2 at 60FPS

PS5 hacking has made strides since the modding community managed to open up the console a few months ago. So much so that modders who decide to jailbreak their PS5 can now install custom homebrew apps and packages on the PlayStation 5. One of the most popular PS4 hacks has now made its way onto the newer console allowing for custom “unofficial” patches to be installed on certain games.

One of these custom patches is quite a popular one. It is the Bloodborne “Unofficial” 60FPS update by Lance McDonald which unlocks the game’s frame rate on the PS4 game from its 30FPS cap. This update has become widely popular mainly due to the fact that From Software has refused to touch Bloodborne since its DLC launch back in 2015.

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Sony has released a PS4 Pro and PS5 since Bloodborne’s launch and the game still remains a masterpiece locked at 30FPS. Well, with the patch that is a different story. A modder on Twitter showed a video of the game fully playable on the PS5 with the patch applied.

This means the hacking community has managed to apply these custom patches to PS4 games through the PS5’s backwards compatibility.

Another video shows off Red Dead Redemption 2 running at 60FPS. The same process seems to apply here whereas the user simply patches the game through the PS4 mode on the PS5.

The user also claims to have run Shadow of the Colossus at 1440p 60FPS. All three games have been patched using custom files available to the modding community.

Of course, this raises the question as to why devs haven’t done this in the first place. Red Dead Redemption 2 could do with a bit of a visual improvement on the PS5 even if it’s just a 60FPS mode. Bloodborne well, we have kind of given up hope there.

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