Modders Are Creating Their Own Crysis Remastered
"Don't like the current remaster? This one should be ready in a few year's time."

Crysis Remastered is releasing in a few days on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch but fans of the series are not happy about the game’s fresh coat of paint. For one, many believe the paint seems to be a little too vivid for their liking. Ever since its announcement back in July, gamers have complained about the oversaturated environments with bright green trees, bright blue oceans and an overall vivid colour palette. Some gamers are so upset about the Crysis Remastered that they have decided to make their own one.


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Modders are currently working on a special unofficial Crysis Remastered release which they hope to mod into the PC version of the game. The mod aims to bring the original PC controls to the game as well as the Ascension level. However, the graphical changes are the biggest feature in this edition. According to the modders, this edition will include Ray-tracing, SVOGI, Volumetric Lighting, Dynamic and Volumetric clouds and Fog as well as other CryEngine 5 features. The remaster is being built on CryEngine 5.6.6 which means it is able to take advantage of all the great features in the engine.

The unofficial Crysis Remastered is still in very early development and we don’t even know if it will ever see the light of day. The modders are currently porting the game’s original levels over to the remaster and then need to code the AI functionalities into the game. In addition, scripts and driveable vehicles are needed, and all the cutscenes need a fresh coat of paint too. Sounds like a giant undertaking. You could just play the Crysis Remastered this week when it releases on 18 September 2020. Sure, you’ll need to put up with the bright colours but hey, less work.

Here are some screenshots from this upcoming unofficial remaster.

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