Monster Hunter Movie Pulled in China Over Racially Offensive Scene
"It is unclear what is going to happen to the movie now."
Monster Hunter Movie China
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The Monster Hunter movie is no longer available in China after it appeared to include an offensive scene that caused backlash from moviegoers. The Monster Hunter movie was seen as a large cash cow in the Chinese market especially given the success of the video game. However, the developer of the video game series Capcom has since stepped away from the film saying that they have nothing to do with it other than using the game’s setting.


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The Monster Hunter movie includes a 10-second scene where Asian-American rapper/actor Jin Au-Yeung says to his partner “Look at my knees. What kind of knees are these? Chinese.” This line is being linked to a racist playground rhyme which was used to mock Asian children. The rhyme was often accompanied by children who used to pull their eyes into slits while reciting the lines in order to further discriminate against Asian Americans.

The film’s racial scene took many by surprise. Even more so given that China has some strict regulations when it comes to entertainment such as movies and video games. Everything that is available gets pre-checked for this sort of thing so it is unclear how it slipped past the publications boards.

The Monster Hunter movie managed to stay open for two days in China before being pulled and ticket sales were stopped. However, Deadline reports that the movie was a massive success in its few opening hours. The film grossed $5.3 million before being stopped.

It is unclear what will happen next. Will the movie scene get censored or removed? We don’t know. The film is meant to open up in cinemas this weekend in more countries. The Monster Hunter movie is produced by Constantin Films, Anderson’s Impact Pictures, Tencent and Japan’s Toho. It is based on the original video game series created by Capcom.

Watch the trailer down below;






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