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Monster Hunter Rise Gets Second Demo and Monster Hunter Stories 2 Announced

Capcom has announced some new exciting news for Monster Hunter fans. This is in anticipation of the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise which is set to launch on 26 March 2021. For starters, the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive will get a second demo later this month which will go live on 11 March 2021. In addition, players can look forward to the release of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin releasing on 9 July 2021.

Let’s start with the Monster Hunter Rise news and demo announcement. Capcom revealed that a special second demo for Rise will go live on 11 March 2021. This time the demo will include an extra difficult challenge with battles against the game’s icon monster, Magnamalo. Capcom says that your demo time will carry over to the main game when it releases later this month.


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Capcom also shared the news on some new Monster Hunter Rise gameplay features while showing off new monsters, attacks and the camera feature. Wyvern Riding lets players bing monsters, climb atop them and control them in combat. They can then attack and use the monster to their combat advantage.

The Wirebug, which was limit in Monster Hunter World returns in Rise as players can use it traverse the environment, leap and dash forward. Silkbind attacks let players use an insect to deliver an enhanced attack called a “Switch Skill”. These attacks deliver a powerful and sometimes tactical ability in combat and vary depending on the weapon you are using. For example, the Gun Lance uses Hunting Edge but doubled with the Silkbind, it becomes Adamant Charged Slash.

Watch the full Monster Hunter Rise and Wings of Ruin presentation below:

Monster Hunter Rise will include a range of new multiplayer features including a “Hunter Connect” mode. Here players can add and create tags with their objectives and playstyle that lets other players search for them. This way you can matchmake with players who are doing the same thing as you. Players can also “like” other players they meet online which will then increase the likelihood of being matched with them again.

The showcase also touched on new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise as well as new environments and items. Capcom also announced that they plan on releasing free post-launch updates for the game including the Elder Dragon Chameleos.

Take a look at the latest Monster Hunter Rise trailer down below:

As for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, the game will follow players across an original story alongside Ena, Kayna, Alwin and Navirou. It will include a range of new co-op multiplayer quests and pre-order incentives. Those who purchase and play Monster Hunter Rise will also unlock some in-game items in Wings of Ruin including the Kamura Garb.

Check out the trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin below:

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