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Monster Hunter Wilds Features 14 Original Weapons and New Seikrets Mounts

Monster Hunter Wilds is shaping up to be the greatest entry in the series to date. The game not only captures the magic from the previous titles but there’s a lot of “new” happening here which aims to elevate the experience above and beyond.

According to Capcom, Monster Hunter Wilds will see all fourteen classic weapons return to the game. Players who are familiar with the series will feel right at home in Wilds. However, Capcom says each weapon also has various new abilities tied to them. Players will also be able to equip a secondary weapon which can be swapped out instantly without returning to their base.

All weapons have a new Focus Mode which gives players the ability to attack with precision in order to target weak points. Ranged weapons will have a special aiming mode while melee weapons can attack weak points with greater precision to break monster parts.

Capcom says guarding and attacking in Focus Mode will give players more control over the combat. Guarding will let you trigger special quick-time attacks when timed correctly.

The Hook Slinger can also be combined with various weapons and attacks. Chaining them together will let players perform unique combos tied to that set weapon style. Players can also use the Hook Slinger to collect items from a distance.

Monster Hunter Wilds State of Play Trailer Summer Game Fest

When it comes to the world, Monster Hunter Wilds features multi-dimensional biomes that transform throughout a hunt. The desert area, for example, will see players fight through a sandstorm. This not only changes the world from a visual perspective but it also adds layers of new mechanics to combat.

Monsters will hide in these sandstorms to strike from the shadows. Players will also be slowed down and have to use certain items to buff themselves for these environmental changes.

The new mount system sees players use creatures called Skeirets to explore the world. These act similar to previous mounts but can now be trained into certain playstyles. For example, Skeirets can aid you in combat by distracting monsters. They can also pick you up when you’re knocked down and automatically place you on their backs for safe passage away from the fight.

Skeirets will also aid the player in hunting down a monster. You can also now use the Hook Slinger while mounted making traversal and certain attack combos possible.

Capcom is expected to showcase more Monster Hunter Wilds next month during the Summer Games Fest. In the meantime, catch up on the latest trailer below. Monster Hunter Wilds is set to launch in 2025.

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