Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Five You Might Have Missed
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Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Five You Might Have Missed

The arrival of the fifth Moon Knight episode is bittersweet as it means we are only one episode away from saying goodbye to this truly fantastic show. However, before talking about all the easter eggs episode five brought, let’s recap what happened last week:

In episode 3, we saw Khonshu turn the night sky back in time to help Marc with Ammit. In return, the other members of the Council of Gods punish Khonshu by turning him into a stone statue, thus leaving Marc powerless but still on the trail of Harrow.

When Marc and Layla arrive at Ammit’s tomb, they are attacked by zombie Egyptian priests who are there to guard the Pharaoh’s tomb. During the attack, the two are separated, and Layla runs into Harrow inside the tomb. During a brief conversation, Harrow convinces Layla that Marc hasn’t been honest with her regarding her father’s death. Meanwhile, Marc has managed to find the tomb belonging to Alexander The Great, the final avatar of Ammit and managed to retrieve the ushabti from within the body of Alexander.

Moon Knight - Every QR Code And Free Comic In Each Episode

Layla then arrives and demands Marc finally tell her the truth. He eventually reveals that he was, in fact, there when her father was murdered. He also reveals her father died at the hands of Marc’s own partner, who had gotten greedy and killed everyone.

Harrow then shows up again, only this time he shoots a powerless Marc in the chest. Twice. The next thing we see is Marc waking up in what appears to be a mental hospital, where he is heavily sedated and in a wheelchair. Everyone else in the hospital is a person Marc has encountered in his life and who we’ve seen throughout the episodes.

The head therapist in this “hospital” turns out to be Harrow, claiming he is there to help Marc, who is just hallucinating everything.

When some of the sedation wears off, Marc tries to escape the hospital only to find Steven. In his own body outside of Marc. While still confused, the two decide to escape together. When they finally make it to the exit, the door swings open, and Marc and Steven come face to face with Tawrett, a hippopotamus goddess.

With only one single episode of Moon Knight remaining, it’s no wonder that episode five went all out with easter eggs and references to the greater MCU. If you missed it, we’ve covered the easter eggs from episode one here, episode two here, episode three here and episode four here. Here are a few of our favourite easter eggs and references found within episode 5 of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Five

Welcome Home

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Five You Might Have Missed

A large part of last week’s Moon Knight episode took place in a mental hospital which was pretty accurate to the comics. In our list of Comics You Should Read Before Watching Moon Knight, we spoke about a 5 issue run written by none other than Jeff Lemire (The Nobody; Black Hammer; Sweet Tooth).

Episode five picks up in the same hospital still, but this time around, the name of the facility is revealed as the Putnam Medical Facility. The same name used by Jeff Lemire during his Moon Knight: Lunatic run that retold Moon Knight’s origin story.

More Ties To The Larger MCU

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Five You Might Have Missed

Besides a few tiny and subtle hints along the way, Moon Knight has been very light when connecting to the larger MCU. However, they decided to go all out during episode five and create the most significant tie yet.

Without going into spoilers: during episode five, there is a scene where Taweret starts talking about the Ancestral Plane. Now fans of Black Panther will remember the Ancestral Plane as the ethereal afterlife where T’Challa speaks to his father. The Ancestral Plane isn’t the only tie we’ve had to Wakanda either; episode three of Moon Knight introduced the Ennead, of which the panther worshipped by the people of Wakanda, known as Bastet, is a member.

A Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It Foreshadowing

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Five You Might Have Missed

This easter egg is the briefest foreshadowing but still pretty great. Both Marc and Steven are equally terrified and delighted to be aboard Taweret’s boat during episode five. However, this isn’t the first time viewers have seen the boat in question.

During the first episode of Moon Knight, there is a shot where we can see the inside of Gus the Goldfish’s (Steven’s pet) tank. Among the various Egyptian-themed ornaments lies Taweret’s boat that Marc and Steven find themselves upon during the fifth episode.

Family Ties

Episode five of Moon Knight was about going back into Marc’s past and explaining what led him to become Moon Knight. One of the more exciting moments of going back and exploring his childhood was the revelation that Marc has a brother named Randall.

While Randall’s story in the episode was cut short, his character is highly significant in the comics, and Randell grows up to become the supervillain known as Shadowknight.

Why Hello There Old Friend

During episode three of Moon Knight, Layla called Marc out for being there when her father was killed. Marc explained that while he was there, he wasn’t involved in any way and instead, Marc’s old partner killed Layla’s father because of greed.

We predicted that the old mercenary partner Marc was referring to would be none other than Raoul Bushman. His partner from the comic books. During episode five, we get to go back and visit the memory of Layla’s father’s death, and for the first time, Marc says his old partner’s name: Bushman, confirming our prediction from last week and further tying the show and the comic together.

The Man On The Moon

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Five You Might Have Missed

During episode five of Moon Knight, we finally got to see more of Marc Spector as a child to understand how he became who he is today. We see Marc as a young boy and get multiple shots of his childhood bedroom during the episode. One theme stands out throughout his room and various toys: space.

Alongside various astronaut toys and rocket ships, there is also a very particular spaceman toy that not only further cements Marc’s love for a universe far, far, away but it’s also a direct reference to Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight comic run where one of Marc’s other personalities happens to be an unnamed astronaut.

With only one more episode of Moon Knight left, we can’t wait to see how the story wraps up and everything ties together. If you managed to spot the QR code during episode 5 and wonder what to do with it, be sure to read our post here. Also, if you’re enjoying the show as much as we are and you’re craving more, then head over to Critters and Comics to grab some of the Moon Knight comics. If you have no idea which comics to start with, read our guide here.

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