Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Four You Might Have Missed

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Four You Might Have Missed

Over the last few years, we’ve gotten to see the harsh and cold reality of what it’s like living as a superhero, and I think most will agree it’s not all that fun. Although, while being a superhero is hardly ever an easy or fun title, very few have it as hard as Moon Knight does.

Last week’s episode started in Cairo. We see Marc Spector doing his thing and trying to extract information on Harrow’s location from wherever he can. However, for the first time, we see Marc behaving a lot like how we are used to Steven acting. For the first time, we see Marc blackout in the middle of doing something only to come to somewhere else. At fist Marc is sure that these blackouts are because of Steven taking over, but when Steven denies it, a much more troubling question rises to the surface… if it’s not Marc in the body and it’s not Steven in the body… who is it?

After running out of people to interrogate to find Harrow, Khonshu decides it’s time to call upon and summon the council of the gods. Here we meet other gods through their human avatars while Khonshu tries to convince them of Harrow’s deceit. This plan backfires as Harrow not only makes the gods believe in his innocence but also casts doubt on the avatar Marc’s mental health.

As the gods leave, one of the avatars tells Marc the secret to finding Ammit’s tomb before Harrow and just like that; the race is on. Alongside Layla, Marc seeks out a notorious antique dealer known as Anton Mogart. With the help of Steven, they manage to put together an ancient map that will lead them straight to the tomb. However, the map will only work if the stars in the sky are in the exact place they were thousands of years ago when the map was put together.

Khonshu then risks everything to rewind the night sky allowing Layla and Steven to use the map and track down the tomb. This interference triggers the full might and wrath of the council of gods, and Konshu is imprisoned in a statue, leaving Marc powerless.

With only two more episodes remaining, episode four of Moon Knight did not disappoint when it came to easter eggs to find. If you missed it, we’ve covered the easter eggs from episode one here, episode two here and episode three here. Now without any further delay, here are some of our favourite easter eggs and references that can be found within episode 4 of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Four

I Spy With My Little Eye

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Four You Might Have Missed

To start this post off, we want to return to an easter egg we appear to have missed in last week’s post. There is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment during Moon Knight episode three that might be one of the most significant easter eggs yet. During Marc’s first fight with the cultists on the rooftops, we can briefly see that the youngest member is wearing a denim jacket with what appears to be a pharaoh wearing a crown with splashes of Teal and Purple around it.

Many fans believe this to be a significant easter egg for Kang the Conqueror (who we were introduced to during Loki). First, we have the splashes of Teal and Purple, which can be seen. These are both Kangs signature colours, and then we have the fact that Kang once took over Egypt in the comics under the alias of Rama-Tut. Combine these facts with the fact that the print on the jacket looks undeniably similar to images of the Egyptian version of Kang, and it’s a hard theory to debunk.

Filling In The Blanks One Memory At A Time

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Four You Might Have Missed

Since the first episode of Moon Knight, where Layla’s name first appeared on the phone Steven found in his apartment, it became apparent that her life and Steven/Marc’s lives were somehow intertwined. In the episodes since, we’ve discovered that Layla is married to Marc and their stories are one and the same.

Layla talks to Steven about her father, who passed away during episode four. A short while later, Harrow speaks with Layla and reveals to her that Marc was one of the mercenaries responsible for her father’s death. Layla instantly confronts Marc, who denies having anything to do with her father’s death but does admit to being present.

Marc then explains that it was his partner who had killed Layla’s father because of greed, and the reason Marc ended up meeting Layla was due to his guilt and wanting to confess. This short conversation is likely foreshadowing the introduction of Marc’s old partner into the show, a mercenary named Raoul Bushman

The Influence Is Strong With This One

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Four You Might Have Missed

A large part of episode four of Moon Knight focuses on Marc waking up to find himself inside of a mental hospital as one of the patients there. While this might seem like a crazy jump from anything we’ve seen so far in the series, it’s actually pretty accurate to the comics. In our list of Comics You Should Read Before Watching Moon Knight we spoke about a 5 issue run written by none other than Jeff Lemire (The Nobody; Black Hammer; Sweet Tooth).

This run is called Moon Knight: Lunatic and goes about Marc, who wakes up and finds himself in an insane asylum with no powers and a lifetime’s worth of medical records, while all of his identities and his history are called into question. Episode four clearly takes inspiration from the beloved comic run, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Who Is Hiding Within?
Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Four You Might Have Missed

During episode three of Moon Knight, there was a pretty big hint that a new personality would be revealed. This was due to the revelation that Marc suffers from the same confusion and disorientation that Steven experiences when he gets blackouts. Only when Marc experiences these Steven isn’t the one taking over.

There have always been three distinct personalities in the Moon Knight comics: Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Jake Lockley. While the show had yet to introduce Jake formally, this seemed like a solid hint towards his existence.

Episode four continues building on this hint. During the scene in the mental hospital, we see Marc save Steven from a sarcophagus, only for the two of them to run straight into another one. While in the episode, they don’t try and open the sarcophagus and instead just run past, it now seems inevitable that Jake will be making his appearance sooner than later.

A Surprise Of Epic Proportions

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Four You Might Have Missed

Moon Knight episode four ends with possibly one of the most surprising reveals yet. The episode ends with Marc and Steven running headfirst into a giant… hippo. This hippo goddess is Taweret, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen her in Moon Knight. During episode one, we saw Steven in the museum picking up a box full of plush toys of Taweret.

Taweret isn’t just a part of the MCU either. Taweret is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in ancient Egypt and is also seen as a protective figure. Considering everything Marc and Steven are facing, maybe Taweret is precisely who they need right now, and maybe, just maybe, she is there to help birth Jake Lockley, the other personality.

With Moon Knight going from strength to strength and keeping us on the edge of our seats week after week, it’s not hard to understand the show’s success. Before leaving us, which was your favourite Easter Egg featured in episode four of Moon Knight? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you’re enjoying the show as much as we are and you’re craving more, then head over to Critters and Comics to grab some of the Moon Knight comics, and if you have no idea which comics to start with, read our guide here.

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