Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two You Might Have Missed

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two You Might Have Missed

Moon Knight had one of the strongest and most chaotic premiers of a Marvel TV show, and now it’s back for episode two. The series premiere introduced the audience to Steven Grant, lying in his bed with his ankle chained to the bedpost. We later learn that Steven believes he has been sleepwalking, hence the drastic measures to keep himself in bed.

While following Steven at his job, we learn he is a museum worker whose immense knowledge of Egyptian history has him longing to be a tour guide. The next moment, Grant is suddenly waking up in the middle of a field with a badly dislocated jaw and being chased by a group of men who appear to be out to kill him.

It is now that viewers get their first formal introduction of Arthur Harrow, a character who, until now, we’ve only seen filling his shoes with shards of glass before wearing them. Turns out Harrow is a cult leader, and he and his men are after a scarab that Grant appears to have.

Grant is possibly even more confused than the audience and tries his absolute best to hand over the scarab, but no matter how hard he tries, it soon becomes apparent that neither his mind nor his body is his own.

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After Grant blacks out, the next thing we see is him standing over the brutally murdered bodies of the men who were chasing after him. Soon after, Grant once more wakes up in his bed and is still confused but happy to brush off the previous events as very vivid dreams.

However, when he discovers that two full days have passed, it becomes evident that this wasn’t just a dream, and that maybe this is slightly more serious than your average sleepwalking problem. Instead, Grant is, unbeknownst to him, wrestling with a dissociative identity disorder.

After digging around his house, looking for clues as to what has been happening, Grant starts seeing visions. In these visions. He once more sees Harrow, who reveals himself to be a servant of the goddess Ammit and then sends a very real monster after Grant.

Suddenly Grant’s reflection in the mirror starts talking to him and introduces himself as Marc Spector, one of Grant’s alternate identities. Marc tries to reason with a panicked Grant to let him take control, and when Grant finally does, Marc kills the monster, and we finally get to see him in his white Moon Knight costume, bringing to a close the first episode.

Along with this being one of the most powerful openings to a show, the entire episode was filled with multiple callbacks to the comics and easter eggs for fans to pick up on. If you haven’t read our post on it already, then make sure you do here before reading any further.

Now without further ado, here are some of our favourite easter eggs and references that can be found within episode 2 of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two

More Than Meets The Eye

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two You Might Have Missed

Before we move on to all of the easter eggs you can find in episode two, we first want to go back to something amazing we missed in the first episode. While we initially didn’t think twice while watching the scene where Stephen Grant walks into the museum where he works and passes by a seemingly inauspicious QR code, it might just be one of the best surprises hidden in the episode.

The QR code is visible at the start of Moon Knight episode 1. If you scan it using a mobile device, it will send you to an official site where you can read a free digital copy of Werewolf By Night #32 – The comic in which Moon Knight first made his debut. The code can be tricky to scan, so if you’re having a hard time, you can click the link here.

Even More Free Comics

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two You Might Have Missed

We weren’t going to miss out by dismissing a QR code this week again. If you scan the QR code that you can briefly see on locker 43, you will once more be taken to the Marvel site and be able to read another Moon Knight comic for free. This week the comic available is Werewolf By Night Volume 1 #33, which is the direct follow from last week’s comic and the continuation of the Moon Knights comic debut.

Once again, the code can be tricky to scan this week, so you can click the link here if you’re having difficulty.

Why Hello There

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two You Might Have Missed

In last week’s easter egg post, we spoke about a mysterious name that appeared on the phone that Steven Grant found in his apartment. In that post, we explained that the name Layla was a direct reference to Marlene Alraune from the comics, where she is Marc Spector’s partner. It had also already been confirmed that she would be joining the cast at some point during the Moon Knight TV Show. That point was in episode two.

We see Steven chased by Khonshu when he bumps into a woman he doesn’t recognise named Layla, who claims to be his wife. While the episode didn’t give Layla much screen time in this episode, it’s still an exciting addition to the show. Hopefully, we will learn more about her and Marc’s relationship as the show progresses.

Knock, Knock, Who’s There

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two You Might Have Missed

As we see Steven and Layla running for their lives after being chased by a monster summoned by Arthur Harrow, a running Layla begs a confused Steven to “summon the suit”. While Steven is trying to explain to Layla that he has no idea what she is talking about, Steven gets thrown out of a window.

When Steven stands up from his fall, we see him, for the first time, dressed in an all-white suit and mask with a symbol of a moon on it—welcoming to the screen for the very first time, Mr. Knight.

A Small Link To Big Things

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two You Might Have Missed

Perhaps one of the most thrilling easter eggs in episode two of Moon Knight was nothing more than a glimpse of a logo. During the episode, there is a scene where Mr Knight is battling a jackal like a monster (a werewolf maybe?) that Harrow had summoned. During the chaos, a GRC logo can be spotted, the logo for the Repatriation Council.

The GRC was first introduced on-screen during The Falcon and The Winter Soldier as an organisation set up to help those who came back after the snap adjust to the world and aid those affected by the incident. They were also referenced during The Eternals.

A single logo might seem almost insignificant, but viewers now know that Moon Knight is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame and that the show doesn’t exist outside of the greater continuity and is instead linked to the larger MCU.

What’s Your Day Job?

Moon Knight Easter Eggs From Episode Two You Might Have Missed

Episode two gave us a nice little throwback to the comics and Marc Spector’s origins. In a scene where Steven Grant finds himself apprehended by police, the officers talk about how Marc Spector was a member of a mercenary team.

This almost precisely mirrors Marc’s story from the comics, where he was indeed a part of a team of mercenaries before turning on them and getting killed. In the comics, it is at this point that Khonshu enters the picture, reviving Marc and turning him into his avatar.

Somehow episode two managed to be even more exciting than the first. Are you enjoying the series so far? Let us know in the comments below, and if these two episodes have you craving for more, remember to head over to Critters and Comics to grab some of the comics runs for yourself. If you have no idea which comics to start with, read our guide here.

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