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Morbius Face-Plants at Box Office Again After Rerelease in Cinemas

Morbius has been trending a lot recently, but not for the reasons Sony and Marvel seem to think. The comic book movie starring Jared Leto as the titular vampire became the subject of memes, leading to Sony misjudging actual public interest in the film. As the result, it was rereleased into 1,000 cinemas over the weekend, leading to yet another box office bomb.

According to Forbes, Morbius managed to rake in a meager $85,000 last Friday after being rereleased to around 1,000 cinemas worldwide. The figures for Saturday and Sunday have yet to be revealed, but we don’t think there’s much hope for a good comeback. This brings its total domestic earnings to $73.6 million, making it one of the lowest-grossing Marvel movies of all time and under Sony’s banner.

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Sony continues to push its plans forward for an expanded Spider-Man universe beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Through the fire and flames, we somehow got two Venom movies that weren’t exactly well-received upon release, though somehow managed to amass a cult following. The first film is understandable thanks to its goofy nature and campy fun, but the sequel only divided audiences further.

Unfortunately, Morbius didn’t even get the luxury of becoming a partial box office success like the Venom movies, despite Sony pushing it into 1,000 more cinemas for an explosive rerelease that landed with a thud instead of a boom.

Regardless of its reception and second box office bomb, Morbius is still trending thanks to memes calling for a sequel or even a big-budget TV show to be made. We can’t say if Sony actually sees this as being in-demand because it’s good or because meme culture continues to play the greatest game of trolling ever. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to yet another rerelease so Morbius can avoid face-planting itself into 1,000 more cinemas.

Source: Forbes

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