More People Watched The Game Awards 2019 Than the Oscars

The Game Awards 2019
More People Watched The Game Awards 2019 Than the Oscars

The Game Awards 2019 took place last week and it was a huge night for gaming. All sorts of announcements took place during the evening including a new Ghost of Tsushima trailer, the next-gen Xbox Series X reveal, the first official PS5 trailer for Godfall and much more.

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In terms of viewership, The Game Awards 2019 almost doubled last year’s evening hitting 45 million streams compared to 26.2 million from 2018. Not only did the awards break its own viewership from 2018 but it became the most-watched awards show of the year knocking both the Oscars which had 29.6 million and the Grammys at 19.9 million out of the race.

The show has grown tremendously over the past few years and it deserves its praise. It began in a rough spot and had some terrible showings over the years. Who can forget VGX 2013 which was possibly the worst show in the history of mankind? After the abysmal showing, it then became The Game Awards in 2014 and it has been climbing ever since. According to the ZhugeEX on Twitter, the show has seen substantial growth, especially in the past three years.

The night was met with praise as the best games of 2019 were awarded for their stellar performances and experiences. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice won Game of the Year and it was well-deserved. According to Niko Partners, the show received 15.5 million votes across the various categories. You can take a look at all the winners from the evening in our full winner’s roundup here.

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