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More PlayStation Acquisitions Are On The Way With Capcom Reportedly Being Next

This morning in wake of the recent PlayStation and Bungie acquisition, the internet is stirring over what the company will buy next. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan spoke to about the Bungie partnership saying that Sony has “many more moves to make” when it comes to acquisitions.

Ryan continues to say that we should expect more very soon when it comes to the future of PlayStation and how the brand is expanding its reach with new partnerships. However, there’s a lot of talk of Sony acquiring Capcom. So-called “insiders” have reported on this acquisition for some time already but the Bungie partnership has reignited these rumours.

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Over the past few hours, online forums have heated up with the reports of Sony acquiring Capcom. According to sources, the company has been in talks with Capcom for some time. We heard of this acquisition back in 2020 already.

Jeff Grubb also teased the purchase in his latest podcast saying that “even bigger acquisitions are on the horizon”. He followed up by saying “It Takes Two To Tango”. Now while that phrase sounds normal to most people, Capcom fans will know that in Resident Evil 5, there’s an achievement called “It Takes Two To Tango”. Resident Evil is a Capcom series.

Shinobi also followed up on Twitter with a Capcom teaser. Jez Corden tweeted saying “thank god it wasn’t Capcom” in reference to the recent Bungie purchase. Shinobi then replied “Yet” and users immediately jumped at the tease.

Just when the Sony and Capcom acquisition rumours began to die down, things like this happen and everything is kicked up in the air again. While I would like to say “this is going to happen” these insiders have proven to be unreliable in the past when it comes to gaming acquisitions. They always “leak” a few minutes before they are officially announced and so far, none of them has accurately leaked a big purchase weeks before it takes place.

For now, take this with a pinch of salt. We know Sony is working on buying more but until it happens, don’t believe what you see.


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