Over 400,000 CS: GO Cheaters Were Banned in August 2019
CS: GO cheaters VAC ban Valve
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Ever since CS: GO went free-to-play in December last year, there has been an even bigger cheater problem. The game also received over 14,000 negative reviews in one day after going F2P because players were unhappy about the changes Valve made to Prime Status. The effects of CS: GO going F2P can still be seen every month when it comes to accounts being banned.

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According to SteamDB, over 400,000 CS: GO accounts have been VAC-banned in August 2019 alone. Compare this to August 2018 where only 91,000 VAC bans were handed out and you can see that the fight against CS: GO cheaters have escalated by quite a lot since the game went F2P.

However, this isn’t the biggest month for CS: GO bans, as in January 2019, over 1.1 million VAC bans were handed out. With that being said, 400,000 is still a very big number and things will probably not change any time soon. In July, we saw over 630,000 VAC bans, so things do seem to be slowing down, or cheaters are just getting tired of creating new accounts.

CS: GO clearly still has a cheater problem but for the most part, it remains one of the best esports titles out there and a joy to play if you have Prime status. Don’t forget that the Berlin Major is underway and that the Champion’s Stage has been set, so there is a lot for esports fans to look forward to.

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Have you run into any CS: GO cheaters on local servers lately and what do you think about the massive number of VAC bans for August 2019? Let us know in the comment section below.






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