Mortal Shell on PlayStation Plus Doesn’t Come With Free PS5 Upgrade

"There is a free upgrade, you're just not getting it"

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Mortal Shell on PlayStation Plus Doesn’t Come With Free PS5 Upgrade

Mortal Shell is now live on PlayStation Plus as part of the December games lineup but if you’re hoping to grab the PS5 version then you’ll need to pay for it. Sony and developer Cold Symmetry have decided to keep the PS5 version behind a full purchase and only give away the PS4 version of the game.

Keep in mind that if you purchased Mortal Shell back on PS4, the game offered a free upgrade to the PS5 version earlier this year. However, this PlayStation Plus version won’t entitle you to the free upgrade. Instead, you’ll need to purchase the entire game again for the same price as the PS4 version.

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At the moment, Mortal Shell costs R539 on PS4. Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is also R539 for both PS4 and PS5 but this is not the game version that is free with PlayStation Plus. Instead, Sony is giving us the old, basic, DLC-free and non-upgraded version of the PS4 game. There’s no paid upgrade path for Mortal Shell to the Enhanced Edition at all. This means you can’t pay R100 to upgrade the PS4 game to PS5. You’ll need to purchase the entire game again.

While this is horrible news, it also doesn’t surprise us. We recently covered how Sony was using PlayStation Plus as a means to squeeze money out of gamers by providing shallow, DLC-free, basic games. This Mortal Shell drama is a perfect example of this. You can’t upgrade the game at a discounted rate, it also has a bunch of paid DLC available and the Enhanced Edition is a full R539 to get.

Sadly, this is not the first time Sony has pulled this move in 2021. Earlier this year the company gave away the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake through PlayStation Plus. However, a month later the PS5 enhancements arrived and PlayStation Plus users were not legible to get the free upgrade. Instead, they had to purchase the game again.

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