Iconic Motorola Razr Flip Phone To Be Reportedly Relaunched
Motorola Razr
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Back in 2005, everyone seemed to be rocking a Motorola Razr flip phone. It has become one of the most iconic mobile phones of all time. Now, the Motorola Razr is apparently making a comeback.

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According to people working on the return of the Motorola Razr, the new version will be released as a flip phone smartphone. The new version of this once popular flip phone will apparently come at a quite a hefty price, with it being reported that it will cost about $1 500 to own one of these relaunched Razr flip phones.

The phone is apparently scheduled for release in the US exclusively at first and is set to be launched in February. Motorola apparently has a deal with US mobile service provider, Verizon, to manufacture over 200 000 new Motorola Razr flip phones. This might not be a difficult sales target to reach, as the original Razr phones sold more than 130 million units worldwide over its lifespan. It is considered to be the best selling flip phone of our time. Plus, nostalgia always works well to sell revived products to fans of the original.

Not much more information regarding the possible revival of this iconic mobile phone has been released. So, it’s unsure what kind of features will be available on the new version of the iconic flip phone from Motorola. But at such a premium price, the new Razr will hopefully have cool features which makes it worth it, rather than it just being a collector’s item for fans of retro technology.

This isn’t the first time that the Motorola Razr was revived. In 2011 and in 2012, Motorola teamed up with Verizon to release a reboot of the popular flip phone. Back then, the company used the reboot of the devices, as a sort of platform to relaunch itself as a big player in the mobile market.

Rebooting old phones has been a way for mobile companies to envoke nostalgia in consumers who have a love for retro technology. Whether this new Motorola Razr ever actually materializes, remains to be seen. But if it does, it wouldn’t be surprising if it exceeds its sales targets.






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