Mouse & Keyboard Support Comes to the Xbox One With Fortnite Leading the Way
Mouse & Keyboard support
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The November 2018 Xbox update is now live and with it comes a feature that some Xbox One players have been waiting for. Official mouse & keyboard support for the console is finally here. Before you start nervously twitching about the thought of playing with a controller against someone using a mouse and keyboard, the good news is that players will be matched according to their peripheral of choice.

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It is important to note that you won’t suddenly have mouse & keyboard support in games like Halo, but instead, support for this feature has only been rolled out for two games so far. Fortnite and Warframe are the first to boast official mouse & keyboard support, while there are a few confirmed others that will get this feature enabled this feature in the future.

In the November 2018 Xbox update post, Microsoft explains that:

Announced at X018, Fortnite will be one of the first titles to support mouse and keyboard input, matchmaking players using the same input together with one another to ensure a fair and fun experience for everyone. Fortnite’s support for keyboard and mouse launches alongside previously announced Warframe via today’s update, with Bomber Crew, Deep Rock Galactic, Strange Brigade, Vermintide 2, War Thunder and X-Morph Defense adding support in November, and Children of Morta, DayZ, Minion Master, Moonlighter, Vigor, Warface, and Wargroove adding support in the future.

Microsoft also announced that they are partnering with Razer to bring gamers a “premiere mouse and keyboard experience” with Razer-created “Designed for Xbox” mouse and keyboard. These devices are built from the ground up for Windows 10 and Xbox One gaming and even comes with a dedicated Xbox key, Xbox Dynamic Lighting and more. At the time of writing, local pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed.


Apart from the mouse & keyboard support, there are also some updates to Cortana and Alexa not available to South Africans. Then, Microsoft also expanded the search functionality of the UI with stuff like games you have “ready to install” or that you currently own as part of memberships like EA Access and Xbox Game Pass.

Will you be trying out the mouse & keyboard support on the Xbox One and what do you think about the November 2018 Xbox update? Let us know in the comment section below.






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