Ms. Marvel The Best Easter Eggs From The Premier You Might Have Missed
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Ms Marvel Has Some Awesome Easter Eggs Hidden in The First Episode

Today we finally got to see Kamala Khan’s on-screen debut as Ms Marvel. While not being a household name, Kamala Khan’s version of Ms Marvel is notorious among comic fans. The character made history when first introduced back in 2013 as being Marvel’s first Muslim superhero.

It’s been a lot of fun to see Kamala Khan on-screen. The first episode has already seen drastic rewrites of the character’s origin story and powers, but we’ve also gotten to see people and places that seem to have walked straight off the pages of the comics themselves.

The first episode of Ms Marvel was filled with more MCU-related Easter Eggs than any other Disney+ show yet, and even though this version of Ms Marvel is very different than fans of the comics were expecting, there is a love for the character that can be felt throughout the episode and we’re looking forward to what the rest of the episodes will bring. Without further ado, here is our list of the best Easter Eggs from the premier that you might have missed:

Ms Marvel Easter Eggs From Episode One

Superheroes Get Cold Too

Ms. Marvel The Best Easter Eggs From The Premier You Might Have Missed

Starting the first episode of Ms. Marvel on Disney+ off strong, we see a bunch of sketches Kamala Khan did of her idol, Captain Marvel. Fans of the MCU’s Captain Marvel will note that the costume worn by the hero in Kamala’s sketch looks nothing like how we’ve ever seen Captain Marvel dressed during her time in the MCU.

The costume seen in the sketch isn’t just some creative freedom shown by Kamala; instead, the costume shown is the original costume from the comics. Red scarf and all.

All Dogs Go To Heaven And All Cats Are Aliens

Ms. Marvel The Best Easter Eggs From The Premier You Might Have Missed

Still looking at Kamala Khan’s sketches, the young girl has countless drawings of various aliens scattered around. However, eagle-eyed viewers might be able to spot something among her alien sketches that, by all reasoning, shouldn’t be there. Pinned to the wall behind a drawing of Hawkeye is a collection of alien doodles. Among these doodles is a cat that should be familiar to fans of the MCU.

The cat in question was first introduced on-screen during Captain Marvel and is named Goose. Now Goose is not your average cat and is actually a Flerken. Flerkins are aliens, and Goose’s mouth contains gateways to pocket dimensions. The cat also swallowed the Tesseract at one stage. However, how Kamala knew that Goose was an alien is yet to be explained.

Turns Out, Scott Lang Is A Mole Ant

Ms. Marvel The Best Easter Eggs From The Premier You Might Have Missed

One thing that has constantly been bugging me since the start of Marvel’s Pase 4 is how everyone in the world seemed to know about things that they shouldn’t. Similar to how Kamala appears to know about Goose. The first episode of Ms. Marvel finally cleared up that confusion for me.

We find out that Scott Lang, otherwise known as Ant-Man, has been spilling all the proverbial beans on podcasts during the episode. Here he’s been talking about everything from the final battle in Avengers: Endgame to openly discussing the Infinity Stones.

Who Needs ComicCon When You Have AvengerCon?

Ms. Marvel The Best Easter Eggs From The Premier You Might Have Missed

In one of the most fantastic moments of the debut episode of Ms Marvel, we got to see the ComicCon parody, AvengerCon, in full force. Held at Camp Leigh, the birthplace of both Captain America and Hydra, the scenes at AvengerCon were filled with countless cosplays of everyone’s favourite heroes to spot. From all the Avengers to members of the Guardians of the Galaxy and even someone dressed as M’Baku – AvengerCon had it all.

We See And Miss You Natasha

Ms. Marvel The Best Easter Eggs From The Premier You Might Have Missed

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes to have come out of the MCU was during Avengers: Endgame, when Natasha Romanoff sacrifices herself. Not only was this sad at the moment, but throughout all the time that’s passed since, her sacrifice has been widely ignored and forgotten about.

For example, in Spider-Man: Far From Home, we got to see painted murals honouring Iron Man. Then in Spider-Man: No Way Home, we got to see the Statue of Liberty converted into a memorial for Captain America. Do you know what we’ve never seen? Anything about Black Widow and the sacrifice she made.

Ms Marvel changes that – kind of. Still, during AvengerCon, we see one wall that has been set us as a dedication to Iron Man and Black Widow. While it’s no Statue of Liberty, it was still lovely to see the world remember Black Widow somehow.

Is This The Real-World Or Is This Just Fantasy

Ms. Marvel The Best Easter Eggs From The Premier You Might Have Missed

Not an easter egg so much as a running joke. During the AvenerCon scenes, a sketch pokes fun at another Marvel movie. During Avengers: Endgame, there was a scene where Captain America was mocked for being “America’s Ass”. In the first episode of Ms Marvel, we see a callback to that joke with a sketch of Steve Rogers, showing off his ass with a quote “You’re Welcome, America”, a direct reference to the before-mentioned funny.

The Return Of A Familiar Face

Ms. Marvel The Best Easter Eggs From The Premier You Might Have Missed

If you stuck around for the post-credits scene in Ms Marvel (this is the MCU, of course, their TV adaptions have post-credits scenes), you would have seen that the Department of Damage Control is looking into a new superhuman.

As a refresher, the Department of Damage Control is a subsidiary of SHIELD, put in place to clear up the messes commonly left behind by superhumans. If the one Department of Damage Control agent looked familiar to some, that’s because he is Special Agent P. Clearly from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

A few bonus Easter Eggs:

Kamala Khan is a Captain Marvel fangirl in the show and the comics. In the show, she is a YouTuber who creates Avengers fanfiction, an idea based on the comics where she writes her own “romantic” superhero fanfiction.

If you’ve watched Captain Marvel in the MCU you’ve probably noticed how her hairstyle keeps changing, more so than anyone else in the MCU. Ms Marvel pokes fun at this hair madness, and we see a video of Captain Marvel with her hair constantly changing before settling on one.

In one short scene, we see Kamala imagine different versions, or variants if you will, of her idol, Captain Marvel. One of her imaginings is a mashup between Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel, and believe it or not; this is an idea that comes straight from the comics.

Ms Marvel is available on Disney+ now.

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