MSI Creator Series – Learn to Become a Pro Streamer and Win Prizes
"Learn the ins and outs of streaming"
MSI Creator Series Wootdini
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Many South African streamers, or would-be streamers, struggle to reach success owing to various factors including quality output, geographical location, lack of a structured approach and lastly, they just do not know where to start. In order to combat this, MSI has lent a helping hand to all content creators in the form of The MSI Creators Series.

We as South Africans take our knowledge from markets like the USA, UK and Europe and try to copy-paste what those content creators are doing, which historically with big companies has failed because South Africa and Africa alike are different. We all think differently, reason differently and act differently and this has been forgotten in the new digital age. As such we need to take our approach to streaming and content creation differently. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The series being implemented by MSI is a South African streamer focused live workshop, wherein a series of streams, various elements will be covered from where to start and eventually how to approach brands for sponsorships. The series will be hosted by Wootdini who is known in South Africa as a shoutcaster and technical expert.

MSI Creator Series Wootdini

Wootdini will be going over all the elements needed to create a successful stream and video broadcast. He will look not only at the setting up of streams but also at overlooked elements like technical requirements, how to encode videos correctly, what is the correct platform and so on.

The first episode featuring on MSI South Africa’s Facebook page will be more of a foundation than anything where it will focus on questions never asked like “What is a streamer” and “What does it take to be a successful streamer”.

When and Where to Watch the MSI Creator Series

Users can tune into the MSI Creator Series starting this Thursday, 20 May 2021 at 19:00 SAT. During the stream, MSI and Wootdini will be giving away a range of prizes to viewers too. You don’t want to miss this!







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