MSI Leap to Singularity 13th Gen Launch Event Nexus Hub
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MSI Leaps to Nexus With 13th Gen Launch Event

MSI recently held a media event titled The Leap to Singularity at the Nexus Hub venue with the focus on its 13th-gen products. Key laptops were highlighted and great activities were held for participants including an impressive AI photobooth, a fighting game corner and of course, hands-on time with some of MSI’s latest products.

The MSI event was held at the Nexus Hub venue earlier this month to celebrate the launch of several new products in the company’s lineup. Chief among these was the incredible Stealth 14 and Stealth 16 laptops, ultra-powerful laptops built with RTX 40 series graphics cards, 13th gen Intel Core processors and Vapor Chamber Cooling.

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MSI Leap to Singularity 13th Gen Launch Event Nexus Hub

The Stealth laptops were available on demonstration at the venue to try out. There we, personally, some of the biggest titans of MSI’s showcase. Speaking of titans, MSI also detailed its Titan GT series/Raider GE series laptops which also boasts RTX 40 series GPUs along with MSI OverBoost Ultra technology, pushing to 250W total power.

MSI brought an innovative Smart TouchPad on the special edition of Raider GE78 HX. It puts the most used functioned hot keys on the touchpad and also supports customized commands.

MSI Leap to Singularity 13th Gen Launch Event Nexus Hub

The Titan GT77HX comes with the world’s first 4K/144Hz MiniLED display, touted as the “most premium display you can have on any laptop right now.” The Raider GE series, on the other hand, comes with a chassis inspired by a sports car complete with an aerodynamic design.

MSI Leap to Singularity 13th Gen Launch Event Nexus Hub

Eddie Chen, MSI Notebook Senior Product Marketing, stated:

“Performance has always been in MSI’s DNA, and this year we’ve again set the high bar of contemporary laptop performance with the latest Titan GT HX & Raider GE HX lineups.”

A new Cyborg 15 model also falls into MSI’s impressive lineup. The sci-fi futuristic look of the model is accentuated by an aesthetic glass-fibre translucent chassis design in which you can actually see the inner mechanical parts. The Cyborg 15 is championed as the ideal product for everyday gaming.

MSI’s Vapor Chamber Cooler thermal design makes its way into the Creator Z17 HX Studio notebook, maximising its 13th gen Intel HX processors RTX 40 series GPUs. This was accompanied by the MSI Pen 2, featuring the latest MPP2.6 Technology that ensures fast connection. It could also be used on actual paper like a traditional pen, so it’s quite versatile.

MSI Leap to Singularity 13th Gen Launch Event Nexus Hub

Finally MSI shed a light on the Prestige series laptops, particularly the Prestige 13 Evo which weighs less than 1kg and boasts an incredibly thin design. Meanwhile, the Prestige 16 Studio comes with the RTX 40 series GPUs and is completely NVIDIA validated.

Outside of the products, the event went relatively smoothly at the Nexus Hub. The set-up was exceptionally professional and despite the sizzling heat outside, it was well-ventilated. A wide selection of foods were also available and naturally, I had to try out some of those pretty delectable choices. I may have had seconds. And thirds.

MSI Leap to Singularity 13th Gen Launch Event Nexus Hub
Pictured: the happy winner of MSI’s sketch race along with their speedy artwork

Participants could take part in a few activities beyond having some hands-on time with the products. It’s worth noting that I found the presentation itself refreshingly short, not lasting longer than maybe 10 minutes. This showed that MSI were confident enough to let their products do the talking which is what plenty of attendees wanted to excitedly get into. It’s nice to attend an event where the technology is on full display and the presentation is kept short and to-the-point, so the focus is always on the products.

Apart from a 1v1 fighting game booth set up that let people get competitive with Tekken, an AI photobooth was set up that allowed participants to snap a photo of themselves in cool positions and filter it through some AI software. The results were pretty awesome across the board. I even took a shot at it and got told that I’d look like a familiar Street Fighter villain. Mission accomplished.

MSI Leap to Singularity 13th Gen Launch Event Nexus Hub

That’s just the beginning of MSI’s reign in the tech industry across 2023. After an award-winning CES, MSI aims to improve and take things steps further than any other company on the market and this event made a pretty great impression in South Africa.

Visit the official MSI website for more information.

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