MSI Pro MP251 Monitor Review

MSI Pro MP251 Monitor Review – Perfect For Budget Rigs

Monitors are those odd peripherals in any setup. For most of us they are an after thought and as long as they meet some of the basic specs that have become common in any PC users lexicon we tend to walk away happy. However, like anything in your PC the more you understand about the components the better you are able to ensure that you get the best out of your more expensive components.

MSI are a known quantity in PC components, known for creating a range to suit every taste and budget. The 25” monitor in the Pro MP251 range falls squarely in the well-priced, mid-range multi-purpose set of components suitable for work and play.

The design of the panel is fairly vanilla – if you are into anything that screams “GAMER!” this is not the panel for you. However, if you like a sleeker look, one that would fit into an office as easily as a gaming setup then this is the design for you. I hate the “gamer” aesthetic, all the RGB and the in-your-face aesthetic is a bit too pushy for me. Given that this design is understated fits right into my sensibilities.

The 25” panel these days is a bit smaller than most people care for, but if you have limited desk space or even room space, this panel is the perfect size to ensure that it fits into your space. The depth is also manageable at around 20cms meaning that if you have a smaller desk, fitting two panels side by side will be easy.

Build quality-wise, the monitor is made of plastic, like any other monitor, however MSI did not cheap out. The plastic is well finished and sturdy ensuring that it doesn’t feel cheap. The one area where it does falter is in the adjustability. The monitor can tilt, but does not offer height adjustment, meaning that if you sit up high or work at a standing desk you will have to look down which isn’t great for posture or neck strain. I simply propped the monitor up on a couple of old textbooks which is something you will see in offices around the world. If you don’t like that aesthetic then you can always get a decent monitor stand that will double as storage for your keyboard and mouse on a smaller desk.

The IPS panel pushes out a 1080p at 100Hz. Driving the resolution is an HDMI 1.4 port and a VGA port. It is odd that there is no Display Port connectivity, but it is a budget model. Given that it runs at 100Hz, gaming performance is good and will offer you good performance on a budget rig. However, the monitor doesn’t offer VRR, either Freesync or the more expensive GSync, which is becoming more of a necessity than an optional extra these days which does limit its effectiveness in gaming performance.

The panel is not HDR certified with a decent (if average) backlight, so for image work it isn’t something I would recommend. The monitor though does offer good colour accuracy covering 99% of the sRGB spectrum.

The MSI Pro MP251 panel is a good budget panel for smaller setups and the budget gaming rig. It offers good performance coupled with a sturdy design and excellent value for money. For the gamer who also needs a productivity panel this is an excellent option.

The MSI Pro MP251 monitor is available to purchase from Computer Mania for R2,749

Reviewed by Lynley James

MSI Pro MP251 Monitor


The MSI Pro MP251 25-inch monitor is an affordable multi-use monitor that’s ideal for budget gaming rigs and business, sporting a sleek design and with a decent refresh rate.


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