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MSI Proved They Mean Business at CES 2019 With Their New Flagship Notebooks – Hands-On

At CES 2019, MSI announced a brand new flagship range of gaming notebooks and they are pretty powerful. You can check out our full guide of the entire range here but most important of all has to be the new MSI GE75 Stealth and MSI PS63 model which, if you have not guessed by now are two of my favourite new notebooks announced at CES 2019.

Check out our hands-on with these two awesome devices in a video straight out of CES below:

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MSI GE75 Stealth Gaming Laptop

First off the GE75 Stealth packs a very powerful NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU along with an 8th-Gen Core i9 CPU. MSI claims to be the first tech brand in the world to pack both a Core-i9 and RTX 2080 chipset combo into one ultra-thin gaming device and they are pretty confident in the build.

I reviewed the GE65 Stealth last year and it was no doubt one of the best gaming laptops of 2018. The 2018 model had a GTX 1080 Max-Q in it and it did a great job in delivering some powerful gaming performance. The new GE75 Stealth model will no doubt beat that and every other gaming laptop MSI has ever made with this combo of chipsets. We all know that the Core-i9 CPU is easily overclockable which means the MSI GE75 Stealth will naturally reach higher clock rates without you even going to increase them. However, you can further do so by making use of the MSI Cooler Boost app.

The new MSI GE75 Stealth features a 17-inch, 1080p display and has an 85% screen-to-body ratio thanks to its thin bezels on the display. The display also features a 144Hz refresh rate which allows for crisp and smooth gaming visuals. It is only 18.95mm thin and weighs 2.25Kgs. MSI has also overhauled the trackpad on the device making it 35% bigger than the GE65 model which helps deliver more space for gestures and portable use.

The device supports up to 32GB of DDR4-2666 RAM and has three M.2 SSD slots which according to MSI are easily accessible by just removing the bottom plate under the device. All MSI GE75 Stealth gaming laptops also come packed with a SteelSeries Per-Key RGB keyboard which creates that desktop keyboard feeling on a portable gaming device. The MSI GE75 Stealth is no doubt a giant step forward for portable gaming hardware and the device is going to be one to be reckoned with in 2019.


If gaming is not your thing then this MSI PS63 may tickle your fancy. MSI teamed up with The Discovery channel to make this pretty-cool device but it is more than just a pretty face as the device, in my opinion, is no doubt set out to rival Apple’s MacBook range. The PS63 is super-light and very thin but its simplistic design is what I love the most. It has a sleek aluminium body with a “business on the inside” approach.

The device is targetting content creators as its powerful Core-i7 CPU means you can easily edit your videos and photos on the go and the GTX 1050 Max-Q delivers great graphics at the same time too. MSI promises a 140% increase in productivity across video editing, exporting and encoding on the device. The device features the same 30% larger trackpad seen on the GE75 Stealth which will help a lot especially through navigating and working apps on Windows.

When it comes to portability, the MSI PS63 checks all boxes. Its 86% screen-to-body ratio means more display and it only weighs 1.6Kgs and is a measly 15.9mm thin. Even the power adapter is 19% smaller and 38% lighter than the average power brick. It makes use of Qualcomm’s QuickCharge feature which means you can charge your mobile devices four times faster than usual. As for battery life of the device, MSI promises a 16-hour battery life when fully charged.

I can definitely see this device working for those that don’t want to splurge on the Apple lifestyle and want a powerful yet portable Windows device to use on the go and for editing photos and videos. While pricing and availability are not available at the time of writing, I suspect the GE75 Stealth may set you back over R50,000 and the awesome PS63 may be a little over R20,000. We will update you as pricing and a South African release dates become available.

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