Multiple PlayStation Exclusive PC Ports Reportedly Inbound, But No Bloodborne
"Both great and bad news"
PlayStation PC Exclusive Bloodborne
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PlayStation exclusive titles have slowly began trickling onto PC, starting with Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. It was previously rumoured that both Bloodborne and Ghost of Tsushima would also be making its way to PC at some point, though this has never officially been confirmed by Sony. They’ve mostly been quiet about their future plans for PC ports, but it looks like we may have a sleuth of ports inbound.

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According to reputable dataminer and modder Lance McDonald, who mainly covers Bloodborne-related topics, “multiple upcoming PC ports of PlayStation exclusive games” are coming, but he hasn’t specified which ones. However, he did unfortunately state that none of them are Bloodborne.

“If Bloodborne gets announced for PC, I’d love to smugly say ‘I secretly knew all about this!’ but it would be a lie. I am aware of multiple upcoming PC ports of PlayStation exclusive games, but sadly none are Bloodborne. However, I still have hope it’ll just come out of nowhere.”

“For some reason a lot of people actually genuinely think I secretly know about unannounced Bloodborne projects. I keep searching for info, and looking into all the fake ‘leaks’ and ‘rumours’ but sadly there’s nothing there that I’ve found so far,” McDonald added.

Bloodborne is one of the most highly requested PC ports, though it doesn’t seem like Sony really has anything to announce related to From Software’s dark fantasy RPG. Like McDonald said, the announcement could unexpectedly happen, though he seems certain that there’s nothing in the works for a PC port yet. In addition to that, he states that there’s no Bloodborne projects in the works, which means it’s unlikely that Sony is working on a sequel either. As with all rumours, take this with a grain of salt until we get some confirmation from Sony, From Software, or any of the other first-party developers supposedly planning PC ports of their titles.

Source: Lance McDonald






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