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Multiple Users Report Faulty Xbox Series X/S Disc Drives and Consoles

The Xbox Series X has been out for a few days now and things seem to be going well. That is apart from the fake smoke videos popping up online that turned out to be vape users blowing into the console which made it look like a chimney. However, Microsoft may have a problem on their hands. Multiple users have reported defective disc drives on their Xbox Series X consoles. Many of them claim the drive simply does not work. Other users received dead consoles that make a clicking sound.


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Over on ResetEra, a handful of users shared their experience with these defective Xbox Series X disc drives. Many of them say it is impossible to put a disc into the console. It feels as if there is already a disc in the drive. In addition, the eject button also does nothing and the Dashboard does not provide an option to eject a disc.

Another user says his drive takes the disc but stops halfway through and refuses to do anything else.

Twitter is full of faulty reports from a range of users. They seem to be facing issues with not only the disc drive but the console itself. Two users reported clicking sounds coming out of their Xbox Series X and S console the moment the turned it on.

Same issue on the Xbox Series S

Users on Reddit have now turned to brute-forcing their discs into the console. Something we don’t recommend in case you cause even more damage. However, users claim that after forcing the disc into the console to a certain point, the drive pulled it in and the game worked. Others say that putting the console in different positions also helped. Turning it from verticle to horizontal and vice-versa seemed to be the solution for many users.

Defective hardware comes as no surprise at launch. These things do happen. Microsoft released a statement saying they put all the consoles through rigorous quality assurance testing and encourage users who are having issues to visit the official support site for help. You can also head over to the Reddit “known issues” thread where users have compiled all the reported bugs and hardware faults.

Have you had any issues with your Xbox Series X and S console? Let us know in the comments down below.

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