MultiVersus Going Offline Full Launch 2024 Beta

MultiVersus is Going Offline in June for Full Launch in 2024

Warner Bros Games and developer Player First Games have announced that MultiVersus, the popular free-to-play crossover brawler, will be going offline in June to prepare for a full launch in 2024. The game launched last year in open beta to a positive reception, amassing millions of players. That number dropped in recent weeks which could explain the decision to remove the game from its beta in preparation for a larger launch next year.

Player First Games co-founder and game director Tony Huynh confirmed the news in a message posted yesterday, stating that MultiVersus will be taken offline in 90 days but it will be back for a full launch sometime in early 2024. During the downtime, all online features including online multiplayer will be inaccessible. However, players will still have limited offline access to local matches an the training room.

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Huynh’s message on MultiVersus going offline reads:

“Our Open Beta has been an important learning opportunity for us and a stepping stone to the next phase of MultiVersus. We know there’s still a lot of work to do. As a result, we have a clearer view of what we need to focus on, specifically the content cadence of new characters, maps and modes to give you more ways to enjoy the game, along with updated netcode and more matchmaking improvements. We’ll also be reworking the progression system based on your feedback and looking at new ways for you to connect with your friends in the game.”

Following a very successful launch last year, the MultiVersus open beta struggled to regain a returning player base as the months went on. Perhaps this downtime will be exactly what the developer needs to take feedback into account and make changes accordingly. In the meantime, you have until 25 June 2023 to play MultiVersus online.

Source: MultiVersus Twitter

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