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MultiVersus Open Beta Amasses Over 140,000 Concurrent Steam Players

Warner Bros. Games’ pop culture brawler MultiVersus recently launched its open beta on consoles and PC. According to Steam, it had a massive first day with around 140,000 concurrent players on the platform. The free-to-play fighter is now Warner Bros.’ biggest Steam release of all time and that’s not even taking into account the player numbers on console.

According to the official Steam data, MultiVersus had 144,456 concurrent players for the first day of its open beta, accelerating it ahead of Apex Legends‘ 118,887 players. It’s only bested by Lost Ark (268,988), Dota 2 (454,554) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (587,002).

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MultiVersus also marks Warner Bros. Games’ most successful Steam launch ever, beating out its previous record holder Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga which launched with 82,517 players. More impressively, it managed to trump another popular WB fighter, Mortal Kombat 11, which recorded 35,147 players at its peak.

In related news, a recent datamine of the game revealed that Warner Bros. had pulled all references to The Lord of the Rings‘ Gandalf, Stranger Things‘ Eleven and Games of Thrones’ The Hound and Daenerys, suggesting that these characters were once scheduled to arrive in the fighter but might’ve been shelved for now. The company has yet to comment on these reports.

If you’re a completionist and want to unlock everything that MultiVersus has to offer, you’ll need to shovel out at least R4000 for the free-to-play title. There’s a sizeable amount of cosmetics to unlock in-game that accumulates over time, encouraging players to spend real world money on the game’s currency, Gleamium, which can be bought in packs ranging from $4.99 to $49.99.

Despite the negative backlash surrounding the egregious monetisation of the game, MultiVersus has proven to be a surprise heavy-hitter, especially considering that fighters like Super Smash Bros. are increasingly sparse in the gaming world.

MultiVersus‘ open beta is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC with full cross-play support.

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