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MultiVersus Removes All References to Gandalf, Stranger Things and More

MultiVersus, the upcoming pop culture brawler from Warner Bros. Games, is slowly trickling new characters arriving while others are being leaked via datamining. Before the game’s announcement, dataminers managed to uncover characters such as Gandalf, Eleven from Stranger Things, Daenerys from Game of Thrones and more. However, it looks like references to these characters have quietly been removed.

Redditor JPMB5555 (via The Gamer), who previously discovered MultiVersus references to Eleven and several other characters, posted a summary of their recent datamine on the game’s subreddit, revealing that references to The Lord of the Rings‘ Gandalf, Eleven, Daenerys and The Hound have now been removed for some reason.

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The Redditor’s comment on the removal of these characters reads:

“Remember how Gandalf’s Finn lines got cut between the TT1 and TT2 files? Well, they cut the rest of his lines, the remainder being from Shagworthy… Along with all voice lines referencing Eleven, Daenerys, Hound, and Craig. I’d call this an absolute bloodbath, yet they’ve cut so much including their own characters at this point that I don’t think these are cut so much as shelved, at least until the characters that aren’t cut get released first.”

It’s possible that Warner Bros. Games is simply shelving these characters to appear at a later stage without entirely cutting them from the roster. Gandalf was among one of the first characters to get leaked before MultiVersus‘ official announcement. It’s strange that Warner Bros. would remove him most of all.

Some fans speculate that it could be due to licensing rights that these characters are quietly being removed. With Amazon now owning the rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, it might be a grey area for Warner Bros. who previously produced the Peter Jackson films.

MultiVersusopen beta will begin tomorrow for consoles and PC.

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Source: The Gamer

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