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Mysterious PS5 Trailer App for Abandoned Launches 10 August

Abandoned, the upcoming survival horror simulator from developer Blue Box Game Studios is set to receive a PS5 trailer app on 10 August 10th. This comes after the app was delayed from its originally planned June release. The studio’s co-founder Hasan Kahraman confirmed that the trailer app will allow users to experience the “4k60, graphics, 3D audio and DualSense features in realtime”. A full trailer will release in late August.

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Abandoned and Blue Box Studios have received plenty of attention in the last few months after curious fans found eerie connections to Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill. This lead many to believe that this was all an elaborate marketing ruse by Kojima himself to drum up hype about the return of Konami’s psychological horror franchise. The speculation escalated to the point where Kahraman himself had to appear on camera to confirm that he wasn’t Kojima. The studio seemingly meant nothing by the oddly coincidental connections to Silent Hill. Despite the mounting contraries, some fans are still suspicious of Blue Box Game Studios and the strange marketing for Abandoned.

Further adding to this strangeness, Abandoned is set to get a PS5 trailer app, with preloading beginning on July 29th. The app will go live on August 10th, though the specific nature of this “trailer app” remains shrouded in mystery, just like the game it’s promoting. The studio confirmed that a trailer will arrive in late August, but the arrival of this mysterious trailer app has put the spotlight back on Abandoned. Blue Box Game Studios wrote:

“The idea behind the realtime app is to demonstrate the 4k60 resolution along with high end graphics, 3D audio and the DualSense features. However, the content can also be found online as a video.”

Blue Box Game Studios have yet to fully unveil the true nature of Abandoned, which doesn’t even seem to be its official title. This unassuming indie game has received plenty of backing from PlayStation, meaning there’s a bit more going on with the title than we initially anticipated. The fact that it’s getting an entire trailer app and touting big features like 4K 60FPS and DualSense support could potentially mean that Abandoned is beyond a mere indie project. Alternatively, this could just be very clever marketing and nothing more. All our questions will (probably) be answered this August.

Source: Blue Box Game Studios

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