Naughty Dog Admits Fault With The Last of Us Part 2 Ad Cover Song

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Naughty Dog Admits Fault With The Last of Us Part 2 Ad Cover Song

Naughty Dog’s Niel Druckmann confirmed on Twitter that the controversial The Last of Us Part 2 advert cover song “True Faith” was actually inspired by Lotte Kestner’s cover. We reported last week that the Seattle-based singer/songwriter took to Twitter to demand compensation after Naughty Dog used the “True Faith” cover song in the advert. However, the cover song is based on a track from New Order and not an original song created by Lotte.

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Niel explains that Ellie’s rendition of the song in the ad was actually inspired by the Lotte Kestner cover. In addition, due to an oversight, she was not credited as intended. He further went on to explain that the studio is sorting the problem out.

Lotte then took a much calmer approach to her reply than her original Tweet saying she is proud the music has been included in the ad.

While it is indeed a cover of a song by New Order, the rendition is her take on the tune an, in turn, should be given credit. However, we don’t think Lotte will get compensation as she demanded. She is not the original songwriter and creator. That license is owned by New Order. With that being said, she should get the recognition she deserves.

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