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Naughty Dog Working on Unannounced AAA Game With Visual Arts

Naughty Dog is currently collaborating with PSS Visual Arts and a new internal PlayStation Studios team to develop an unannounced AAA game. The news comes from a recent job listing at PlayStation Global which is currently seeking a Senior Producer in charge of building a brand new internal PlayStation Studios team in partnership with Visual Arts and Naughty Dog, though what the teams are working on is currently unknown and only speculative.

ResetEra members pointed out the job listing which mentions the formation of a new internal team at PlayStation Studios that will be developing a AAA game alongside Visual Arts and Naughty Dog. Visual Arts is better known as a support studio that worked on animation, motion capture, cinematics, art, and scanning contributions for The Last of Us series.

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Naughty Dog doesn’t appear to be too heavily involved in this project as the acclaimed studio is simply collaborating with Visual Arts and the new PlayStation Studios team. Sony has promised to lean more into live-service games in the coming years, promising at least 12 of them by 2025. This unannounced title could be a live-service game too, though we can’t say for certain.

It’s also possible that Sony is looking to continue the Uncharted franchise under some new development teams. Naughty Dog is seemingly working on new unannounced projects, with one of them potentially teased in The Last of Us Part I. The studio might have its hands full at the moment, so it would make sense to hand an IP as significant as Uncharted to internal teams at PlayStation, especially with help coming from Naughty Dog.

As great as a new Uncharted game would be, the series already had a satisfying conclusion with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End that wrapped up Nathan Drake’s story. It’s possible that the franchise could continue with Drake’s daughter, Cassie, leading a new generation of games. We’ll just have to see how this unfolds.

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