NBA 2K20 features gambling. There’s no way around it and gamers are having nothing of it resulting in some of the worst review bombings in Steam’s history. Of course, 2K asked for this as the game’s heavy emphasis on microtransactions and gambling could be the worst we have seen in a while. The developer even went as far as to release a trailer showcasing its in-game purchases which is also sitting with an extremely negative reception.

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NBA 2K20 is sitting with an overwhelmingly negative rating on Steam with over 1300 user reviews. Sure, many of these reviews are from users with a bit of game time but a lot of them are from users that have spent a good few hours with the game.

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Most of the complaints come from the fact that NBA 2K20 is basically a gambling game with one user saying “I’m a gambling addict 10/10”. Other complaints stem from the game being a copy and paste from last year’s release.

“Garbage copy-paste of NBA2K19 with more micro-transactions, trash ♥♥♥ company

2K Games also decided to not send out any early codes of the game to media with Metacritic reviews sitting with around 3 published so far. There’s no doubt the publisher was trying to avoid the nastiness and the bad publicity but it still managed to make the headlines.

We have no heard from our local reps in regards to the review program for this so we don’t think a code is coming our way. In previous years, these were usually sent on the day of launch which was Friday, 6 September 2019.

“They keep getting rid of features and replacing them with gambling mechanics. Pay to win, loot boxes, and a straight-up casino in a $60 game. While for some reason they get rid of Release timing (Normal, Quick, etc.) in rosters… Sometimes I wonder if 2K is actually a money-laundering scheme.?

While 2K Games gets NBA celebrities to market the game for them, the publisher must understand not all gamers earn a “celebrity NBA player salary”. We are not sure who this game is targeted at anymore. The gamers or the NBA players who can afford to waste money on its microtransactions.

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