NBA 2K19 Gets Unskippable Ads in a R1000 Game and People are Angry
NBA 2K19 ads
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NBA 2K19 players are upset about unskippable ads that were found in the game over the weekend.

Over on Reddit, users began posting about these NBA 2K19 ads appearing in loading screens that played even if you did not want them to and prevented the game from loading until the ad finished.

We are talking about a full R1,000 game release here and not the mobile version of the basketball simulator that could have been somewhat excusable. Take a look at the ad video below on exactly how it loads into the game;

[su_youtube url=””]

This has also happened just days after the game went on sale for 95% off in some regions which could have been seen as an opportunity to rake in some extra ad revenue by 2K Games.

Takes 1:07 to load game (to tip off) with skipping when can. (cant skip ad, load is in bottom right, about 15 seconds of ad with game loaded) Testing the advertisement during load of game. Once game load is complete, you HAVE TO WATCH the rest of the ad and can not skip. Pathetic, choice by 2k to include ads in a 60$ game.

The Reddit thread is quite hostile with players expressing their anger over the new additional ads being seen in their game which most of them paid full price for. Even if some of them spent $2,99 on the game during the sale, it does not give 2K Games the right to force ads on owners, in our opinion.

However bad the situation is for 2K, they have yet to respond to the thread and we will update you if and when they do. Let us know if you have experienced these ads in the comment section down below.

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